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Fixed: I accidentally got my acrylic nails too long!

Maybe you misjudged and got your acrylic nails too long accidentally. Don’t worry! you can shorten acrylic nails without breaking them.

To shorten the size of your long acrylic nails at home, you need a coarse file around 100 grit as it helps in reshaping sidewalls and free edges of nails. Or you can use a medium file around 180-220 grit. First, determine the desired length then start filling from the sides to the center. You can also use an emery board or metal file for better results. Lastly, finish it off with a transparent topcoat (optional).

Trimming acrylic nails after getting them done is a very bad idea. As it may damage or completely shatter your nails. Filling the nails is the best solution. You can also use an electric file mostly because they are faster and give no stress to your hands. Acrylic nails can be very tough to file and take a lot of time, dedication, and effort. A good e-file with essential drill bits is a wise investment when you are a fan of artificial nails.

Not only to file acrylic nails after getting them done but also to clean natural nails under acrylic, you need an electric file or drill with the necessary bits.

How to shorten acrylic nails with an electric file without breaking them?

Long acrylic nails can be shortened at home with an electric file. For that, you need the carbide bit as it is a multipurpose tool for reshaping, shortening, cleaning, and smoothing artificial and natural nails. If you are a beginner start with a 20,000 rotation speed which is much slower.

At this speed, there are no chances of accidental filing. It will take time to get your desired length but without mishaps. Start from the edges first and then slowly move to the center for better results. Later you can top your nails with a transparent topcoat.

How to file acrylic nails without electric file?

Without an electric file, it will be difficult but you sure can file long acrylic nails. You need a coarse file around 100 grit as it helps in reshaping sidewalls and free edges of tough artificial nails like acrylics. Or you can use a medium file around 180-220 grit to file acrylic nails without an electric file. In that case, don’t forget to start filling from the sidewalls first and then move to the center.

To be honest, it will be a lengthy process and take you a lot of time, dedication, and hard work. Make sure you are up for all the 10 figures.

Can you reshape acrylic nails at home?

Yes, you can reshape acrylic nails at home after getting them done from a salon. If you are not happy with the shape or want to change it to oval, almond, coffin, etc then the easiest way to reshape your acrylic nails is with an electric file, using a carbide bit or a 100 grit file. The electric file will fasten the process whereas a normal file takes effort and time. To get a proper shape you can use a nail art pencil to draw the border up to which you are going to file your nails. I recommend it for beginners as the border will act as a guide. Otherwise, you can just start filing from the sidewalls towards the center without any guide.

Can you cut acrylic nails shorter?

Cutting acrylic nails is a very bad idea. It may shatter or damage the appearance. The best way to shorten acrylic nails without cutting them is to file. Use a 100 grit file or emery board or a metal file to shorten really long acrylic nails. For faster results, you can take the help of a nail drill with the carbide drill bit. As the carbide bit helps in reshaping and shortening artificial nails, this process will help you shorten your tough and long acrylic nails faster.

How much does it cost to shorten acrylic nails?

If you want to shorten your acrylic nails at a salon then prices may vary. $15 is the average rate for reshaping or filling acrylic nails. But if you love getting your nails done then the wise decision would be to own a good quality electric drill with essential drill bits at home.

An e-drill will cost you around $30 and it is highly durable. In the long run, this will prove you unreplaceable when it comes to maintaining artificial nails. From getting rid of natural nails under acrylics to cleaning dirt and shortening artificial nails, an e-file is crucial.

So, my recommendation would be to start using an e-file to avoid frequent parlor visits.

To Summarize:

It’s just as simple to shorten acrylic nails as it is to shorten natural nails. All you need is an e-file capable of filing down thick and robust acrylics.

It’s highly advisable to file the fingernail slowly to avoid losing too much of it. Acrylics, unlike natural nails, do not regrow, so if you remove too much, you will need to visit a salon to get them repaired.

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