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How Long do your Nails have to be to get Acrylics?

One of the biggest myths of the manicure world is that the length of your nails will determine whether you can get acrylic or not!

The truth is there is no specified or set rule for your nails’ length to get acrylic rather there are some crucial aspects of nails that should be present to put on acrylic overlay or extensions.

This article covers all of that. Keep reading.

How Long do your Nails have to be to get Acrylics?

To get acrylics your nails don’t have to be of any certain length. Long or short any length of nail can get acrylics done but each nail must have a healthy nail bed, sidewalls, and cuticle area to have acrylics. If the foundation of the nail is strong enough, the smile line or the free edge of the natural nail is not mandatory to get acrylic.

Clearly, short bitten nails can get acrylics too if the main parts, as mentioned before are present. See the below picture for reference.

Here in this article, I have explained more about how short bitten nails can get acrylic.

Another picture below will help you to understand why your nails don’t have to be of a certain length to get an acrylic manicure.

As shown in the picture the smile line or the free edge develops when your nails get longer, however, these are not necessary parts of your nails to get acrylic done. Rather a healthy nail bed, cuticle area, and sidewalls will be enough.

How to know if your nail beds are healthy to get acrylics?

One way to tell if your nail bed is healthy is by looking at the color of your nails. If your nails are pink, that means that the blood vessels in your nail bed are healthy.

If your nails are white or yellow, that may be an indication of a lack of blood flow to the area. Another way to tell if your nail bed is healthy is by feeling for any pain or tenderness.

If you can easily press down on your nails without pain, that is a good sign. Finally, you can also look at the texture of your nails. If they are smooth and not cracked or brittle, that is another indication that your nail bed is healthy. In general, healthy nails should be pink, smooth, and free of pain or tenderness.

And such nails are eligible for acrylic manicures no matter their lengths.

Is it better to have long or short nails for acrylics?

Now that you know any length of nails can get acrylic, the question is whether having longer nails is better for the durability of acrylic nails. Or do shorter nails provide a better foundation for acrylic adhesion? Let’s understand.

Acrylic nails are an artificial nail augmentation product that must attach to natural nails to stay on, and they may be applied to any finger that has some nails.

However, the longer the nail beds are, the more surface area for artificial nails to adhere to, and the longer they will last.

When people ask how long your nails need to be to have acrylics, they’re talking about the natural nail plate.

The larger the space for acrylics to stick to generate a stronger adhesive connection, the longer the nail plate.

how does an acrylic overlay add length to your nails

Your nails, however, do not need to be a specific length to have an acrylic overlay. You may dress up your short or long nails with some fantastic acrylic overlays if you go to the appropriate manicurist.

When you apply longer acrylic nails to your short nails, they will operate as a long lever, exerting a powerful force on the weak links.

They will separate, lift, and detach from your nails prematurely if you do not take proper care of them or do not understand how to operate with long acrylic nails. If you want to add any nail art or designs, choose small ones to fit within these short acrylic nails.

It is very acceptable to have acrylic nails applied to short nails. But don’t make them too long.

The most important thing is that you like your acrylic nails, and they should last at least two weeks until the next fill-in.

How to increase the lifespan of your acrylic manicure if your natural nails are short and fragile?

To increase the lifespan of your acrylic manicure you need to keep in mind that tips are not for you if your nail bed is small and not wide enough.

Acrylic or any kind of tips adhere to a wider surface area better. Having a smile line in the natural nail is useful for tips to adhere, along with healthy sidewalls.

But if you have bitten your nails or nails are fragile, short, and small then the acrylic overlay is the best option as the process of this manicure is safer and practical for short nail beds.

Also, don’t opt for really long acrylic nails if your natural nails are short. Short nails will be unable to give enough strength to your acrylic overlay for weeks after tolerating daily wear and tear. Also, the natural nail will be under too much pressure, and eventually, it will hurt your natural nails.

Keep the overlay to a minimum length and your acrylic overlay will last you more.

How Big Do Your Nails Have To Be To Get Acrylics?

You may worry if your nails are too short for acrylics if you have naturally short nails but want to experience the enchantment of nail extensions. Acrylic nails do not require a minimum length of the natural nail.

You can wear acrylics on even shorter nails because the application does not need any fake tips for natural nails. Acrylics can alter your dull nails immediately. Your nails will also seem healthier, longer, and thicker due to using them. Thanks to the myriad design possibilities available, acrylics are suitable for ladies of nearly any nail length.

How short can nails be for acrylics?

The good news is that short nails don’t have to mean you can’t have a great, well-sculptured acrylic manicure. Acrylic is, in fact, an excellent option for such folks. Acrylics work best on short nails (or bitten nails) because they provide the illusion of healthy, unbitten nail plates. For example, this much nail is also enough for doing acrylics.

You can apply acrylics to very short nails if the original nail is in good condition and the surrounding skin is healthy, not inflamed, and not fractured. A healthy nail bed, cuticle area, and sidewalls are crucial.

The fact is that most artificial nail enhancements require at least a tiny amount of natural nail length before treatment.

Longer nails give a larger work surface and more accuracy. However, for several reasons, having long nails is not always achievable.

Some people have fragile and brittle nails, while others, for example, cannot maintain a more extended length due to their occupation. 

Another advantage of using acrylics on shorter nails is that the acrylic will not appear startlingly and unnaturally lengthy as the nail grows. If you’re not sure if your nails are suitable for fake extensions, talk to your local nail technician about what’s feasible and what’s not.

Can You Get Acrylics On Long Nails?

You are more fortunate than other women if you have long nails for acrylics. Long nails with more acrylics provide a stronger adhesive bond. With a more robust connection, you may wear longer acrylic nails without the fear of them lifting off your nails too soon.

Longer acrylic nails have two advantages: they make your fingers look longer and allow you to have better patterns or nail art.

Acrylic overlays are put to natural long nails that do not need to be lengthened with nail tips. An acrylic overlay coats the natural nails with a thin protective layer that strengthens them and allows nail paint to last up to two weeks.

Because they do not have the added thickness of nail tips, acrylic overlay nails have a more natural look and are thinner than a complete acrylic set.

People who desire acrylic overlay prefer a natural look anyhow. One of the issues for those who want their natural nails to have a little length is that one or two may break, and they will no longer have all 10 nails the same length.

Acrylic nails are a terrific way to strengthen your natural nails. As a result, applying acrylic overlays to naturally long nails reduces the possibility of one or two breaking off or cracking, resulting in a more uniform appearance. Another benefit of having acrylic overlay on long nails is that the polish will last two weeks.

Should I Cut My Nails Before Getting Acrylics?

First, you must ensure that your nails can handle artificial nails. If your nails are dry and brittle, you run the danger of destroying your natural nail, but don’t worry; you can fix it. To prepare your nails for a pretty manicure, you can use pre-bottled nail strengtheners or all-natural jojoba oil. You won’t have to trim your nails since your manicurist will do it for you.

In contrast, you may receive acrylics without a manicure; having one done at the same time guarantees that your nails and fingers stay clean and neat for the duration of your acrylics.

Can I Get Acrylics If My Nails Are Thin?

Acrylic nails are incredibly tempting to people who have weak, thin, and slow-growing nails.

You must, however, ensure that your nails are strong enough to support the acrylics. If your nails are weak or thin, you should consider getting them healthy before considering acrylics.

Acrylic nails may cause already weak nails to become weaker due to their effects on your natural nails.

A nail technician will also file the tops of your nails until they are rough for proper acrylic application. Because this process thins your nails, it weakens them and makes already thin nails even thinner.

On the other hand, acrylics are preferred by certain people with weak or thin nails since they may enhance the length of your nail tips, make your nails appear more prominent, and protect your nails from damage.

But again your thin nails must have a healthy nail bed for the overlay to adhere.

I would recommend avoiding tips if your nails are thin. The overlay is the most suitable and safe choice for people who have thin nails.

The right manicurist can help you get an acrylic overlay on thin nails. Make sure you state your concern during the nail appointment and always visit a certified and experienced nail technician for manicures.


When you don’t have acrylics, you can do a few things to maintain healthy nails that aren’t a must, such as wearing gloves when cleaning the apartment and keeping your hands and nails moisturized. Cuticle oil and hand lotion should also be kept in your purse and on your night table. 

While the procedure of having acrylic nails might be a little time-consuming, it is enjoyable and provides you with the gift of beautiful nails that you can enjoy for weeks or months. You may have acrylics as long as you have some nails. Acrylics may be applied to any nail length as long as they are not too long for everyday use and work. You’ve nailed it if you’re satisfied with your acrylic nails, and they endure for a long time. Whether your nails are small or long, enjoy them.

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