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Can You Mix Acrylic Powder With Gel?

Experimenting with different manicures to get a stunning outcome is what I live by. So, I was searching the internet to know whether you can mix the acrylic powder with gel. But there was no satisfactory answer. Eventually, I visited the expert manicurist in my city and finally got what I was looking for. Yes, you can mix the acrylic powder with gel. This is known as the acrygel method.

The Acrygel Method:

The “acrygel” method is essential knowledge for anybody who uses gel polish. The phrases acrylic and gel are combined to form Acrygel. It’s a technique for strengthening your nails that combines acrylic powder with gel foundation, giving you the strength of acrylic with the simplicity of removing gel.

Working within nail systems is good etiquette — and greatly recommended — because items are designed to perform best when used together. Instead of using resin, you may apply acrylic powder to the sticky layer of dried gel polish to produce a durable yet natural overlay. The powder adds added strength to a typical gel manicure.

creating an acrylic bead to add length to the nails

You may apply the acrygel procedure every time you paint your nails since it prevents cracking and elongates the life of your gel polish. With one or two coats of acrygel below your polish, you’ll get significantly greater wear. You may also use it to strengthen your nails regularly. This approach strengthens the nail to the point that you could go rock climbing without concern of harming it.

How Does Acrylic Powder Work?

Acrylic powder is mixed with a monomer liquid; generally, EMA, plus a few other components that prohibit the molecules from coming together too quickly, prevent yellowing, offer color, or impact flow and spreading when used for nails. The benzoyl peroxide in the powder works as a catalyst, forcing the liquid monomer to produce robust, net-like linkages between each powder particle called crosslinks. The end product is a resin that has solidified.

How To Apply Acrylic Powder With Gel?

  1. Prepare the natural nail by cleaning and priming it. Apply one thin base application to the nails and cure under an LED light for 30 seconds.
  2. Apply clear dip powder to the sticky layer using a fluffy brush.
  3. Cure after applying one light layer of topcoat. If necessary, use more products to help establish a structure or fill up low spots. Cure, then polish the surface to make it smooth.
  4. Finally, carry on with your regular gel polish treatment.

The best part about this soak-off gel and dip technique is that it’s not just for generating an overlay; you can also use it to enhance length! However, proceed with caution and only utilize high-quality items. If you want to try this technique with a different gel base and top, make sure to test it out first on yourself or a customer.

  1. Apply one base layer to the nail plate and cure to prolong the free edge. After that, apply a form, ensuring the guidelines are in line with the nail’s orientation.
  2. Place the Base on the shape and let it float. Cure. If more structure is required, repeat this step.
  3. Remove the form and lightly sprinkle the sticky layer with clear acrylic powder. Using a fluffy brush, remove the excess.
  4. Shape the sidewalls and free edge properly.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Base to the canvas. Add glitter if desired, then apply another thin coat of Base and Cure.
  6. To fill up any gaps between the glitter, dust clear acrylic powder into the sticky layer once more. Cure after applying a topcoat.

How Can You Get Acrylic Out Of Your Nails?

There are several methods for removing acrylic powder, some of which are easier than others. E-filing the color down to the acrylic base, so you don’t have to rebuild the entire nail or soak them in warm acetone, is one of the most frequent techniques to remove acrylic. Warming the acetone by passing it under hot water will make it much easier to soak through the solidified acrylic powder. Because acetone is very flammable, do not microwave it or place it near a direct heat source.

  1. To begin, clip your acrylic nails’ tips to a tolerable length.
  2. After that, file the top coat of your acrylic away. You may do this using an e-file or a buffer, whichever you choose.
  3. Wrap each finger in foil after soaking a cotton ball in warm acetone and applying it straight to the top of your nail, covering any residual acrylic. Repeat this method on all of your nails and soak for 20-30 minutes.
  4. After removing the foil, wipe the nail with a damp cotton ball, and all of the acrylics should come off with it! If any remnants of the acrylic remain after filing and shaping the natural nail, just buff them away. 

You will have a clean canvas for your next round of acrylics and gel now that your acrylic has been entirely removed!


Acrylic powder mixed with gel gives your nails strength while also appearing great. If you enjoy adventure activities but also want your nails to look glamorous, this approach is for you. An acrylic manicure can last anywhere from two to three weeks, but combining it with gel extends the manicure’s life. Depending on how rapidly your nails grow out, you may require a fill. The life of a manicure, like that of a gel or dip manicure, is determined by the amount of use you put on your nails. If you want long-lasting beautiful nails, use this approach.

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