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Is 120w LED Nail Lamp Good?

A 120w professional grade LED Nail Lamp is not only good but also a staple for any nail enthusiasts.

The drying time of the lamp is very fast with an average of 30 seconds because usually, they have many LED beads, sometimes more than 45 which is great at drying gel and hard gel overlay.

The battery-operated ones are my favorite mainly because they are cordless and easily portable. However, invest in a good LED Nail lamp that has high functioning time with one-time charging.

Additionally, a Led 120w nail lamp can accommodate both hands and feet together which decreases the drying time by half.

Is 120w LED Nail Lamp Safe?

People have this huge misconception of LED nail lamps emitting UV rays that are harmful to the skin.

As the wattage increases you might think a higher wattage means a higher level of UV rays penetrating your skin. Hence safety might seem an issue with 120w or higher led nail lamps.

Well, that is not always the truth.

A 120w LED nail lamp is perfectly safe because the UV rays emitted by LED beads in the lamp are significantly fewer than those emitted by strolling in the sun. A simple walk outside in the sunlight exposes the skin to more radiation than a few minutes of exposure to the light of an LED nail lamp.

A professional 120w LED Nail Lamp like this one from Belle Store has a very fast drying time (15s to 90s). If you are drying your nails in the low heat mode which takes 90 seconds even then the UV rays emitted by the lamp is negligible to affect your skin.

However, I will always recommend you to go with a professional LED nail lamp than the cheap ones. Unfortunately, the low-quality lamps are highly popular on amazon and are critical to use in moderations.

So to be on the safe side, please pick the ones that are professional.

Why Professional 120 LED Nail Lamps are good investments?

I have picked this information from the Belle Store 120w Professional Nail Lamp. You can go with any professional nail lamp. This is just for the sake of clear understanding.

Professional nail lamps are always a better investment because they are safe, have a long life span, and the brands usually come with reliable customer support, unlike the Chinese brands that sell low-quality nail lamps which although are affordable but will stop functioning after a few usages.

Benefits Of Using 120w LED Nail Lamps

The most effective and best way to dry nails is using a high-quality LED nail light. You’ll avoid any mishaps that can arise when waiting for your nails to air dry naturally. A 120w LED nail light will save you a lot of time if your nail art design requires you to apply layers of nail paint. The advantages of utilizing an LED nail lamp are as follows.

Saves Time

Compared to a fan nail drier, using an LED nail dryer dries nails much faster than conventional air drying. A LED nail drier is excellent for you if you’re a female who’s always on the move but yet wants to look fabulous in a flash!

Enhanced Finish

LED technology targets photoinitiators in the polish to speed up curing. When light interacts with the polish’s components, it activates them, causing them to harden into hard plastic. Furthermore, the LED beads are properly dispersed within, allowing your nails to be uniformly cured for a more professional look.

Avoiding Accidents

You won’t have to think about smudges or streaks on your lovely nails because they dry fast.


An LED Nail Lamp will also lower gas costs and no extra shopping while driving to the salon. It is by far the most beneficial aspect of owning a nail dryer.

How Long does 120w LED Nail Lamp Take to Cure Nails?

Curing your nails with a 120W LED bulb takes practically no time at all. Some coatings dry in a matter of seconds. It might take up to 30 seconds for polishes to dry. You need to expose your skin to the LED beams for that period. Less UV exposure implies less cure time. That’s all there is to it! Indeed, because current LED nail lamp models dry your nails much faster than old UV lights, it’s safe to state that LED lamps are far safer than UV lamps.

Alternative to a Professional LED 120 W nail lamp

If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in a professional grade 120w nail lamp, you can go for this alternative. But if you can please go with the professional one.

Sunrich 120w LED Nail Lamp

  • It cures all nail gels without differentiating between them using superior LED twin light source bulb technology.
  • A powerful 120 watt UV nail light cures 80 percent quicker than a smaller wattage UV manicure lamp.
  • Sunrich nail lamp offers flexible drying settings of 10S, 30S, 60S, and 120S, with the time shown on the giant LCD screen.
  • The nail light comes in a traditional black and white color scheme with a handle, making it easy to transport.
  • The detachable base makes curing and cleaning toenail gel easier.
  • A large LCD monitor makes the curing period more visible.
  • The curving contours improve interior space and make it easy to heal hands or feet.
  • 42pcs dual LED lights with a long life span safeguard your eyes and hands.
  • 120w led nail lamp with 42 light sources with no dead zones.
  • An 18-month replacement guarantee backs it.


You should always use a high-quality 120w LED nail drying lamp to get your nails done correctly. These lights not only give the brightest light possible, but they also aid in the drying of acrylic paint that has been put to your nails. It will guarantee that your nails are more robust and healthier, resulting in manicures that last longer. The best thing about LED lamps is that they come in a wide variety of prices, so you should never have a problem choosing one that suits your needs.

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