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All About Best Polygel Slip Solution

When I tried Polygel nails for the first time, the end result was horrible. I blamed it on my noob hands but after spending years in the nail tech industry, I learned it was the poor composition of my slip solution.

Slip solution is a crucial part of the polygel system and its quality highly determines the outcome of your manicure. If you own a great brand of Polgel Slip solution, you can use it literally with any polygel system.

For beginners, I always suggest buying a good quality slip solution as it aids in better application. However, if you are not an expert nail tech or experienced nail enthusiast, choosing a great composition of slip solution is tough.

Don’t worry I have made this elaborate article with everything you need to know about a slip solution like, what is it, how to use one properly, and which are the top most slip solutions on the market.

What Is Polygel Slip Solution?

A substance called Slip Solution helps thin the thickness of your Polygel so that you can maneuver it more and hence more neatly applied.

Polygel is thick and sticky right out of the bottle, making it difficult to move about and shape. To apply your Polygel, you’ll need to thin it down momentarily, which is what your slip solution is for.

A good slip Solution has no unpleasant or harmful odor. Furthermore, it will not dry or solidify the Polygel; only UV light will do it.

This product gets its name from the Slip that skilled potters use while creating clay masterpieces on a potter’s wheel. Thanks to the Slip liquid, they can effortlessly glide their fingers around the mud and sculpt it. Slip solution thins the viscosity of Polygel nails, allowing the gel to be distributed over the fingernail and molded more readily.

What Is Polygel Slip Solution Made Of?

Slip solution is like a moisturizer. It contains elements that help keep the hands hydrated while the Polygel nails are in place. You can use this gel solution as both a moisturizer and a topcoat. Isobutyl Acetate and Isopropyl Alcohol are the primary active components in most types of slip solutions. Jojoba oil, soybean oil, glycerin, and vitamin E are among the other components. However, each brand’s specific components will differ. When you wear Polygel nails, the Polygel solution avoids skin problems on the hands. That’s why buying a good-quality polygel slip solution is crucial.

TOP 5 Polygel Slip Solution

Slip Solution by Morovan

The Morovan Polygel slip solution is a popular choice as its composition is safe and effective. It comes with a brush, nail tips, a nail clip, and a crystal cup to make things easier for customers. You can use this Polygel slip solution on all sorts of nails, including acrylic nails, UV gel nails, artificial nails, natural nails, and so on. You can use Morovan nail art items with this Polygel slip solution. The fingernail slip solution can aid in the removal of friction and the creation of a trail-free form. You can readily shape the Polygel with the assistance of a liquid slip solution. Polygel nail extensions dry rapidly, are more potent than conventional nail extensions, and are simpler to apply. You can create gorgeous nail extensions at home in minutes, saving time and money at the salon.

Nail Slip Solution by U-Shinein

You can use the versatile U-Shinein nail Polygel slip solution to extend poly nail gel, remove nail polish, erase sticky layer while applying nail polish gel, clean nails and tools, and so on. It may be used as a slip solution for various nail paint products, including nail gel, nail cleansers, and nail blooming gel, among others, allowing you to save money. This nail slip solution bottle looks like a liquid pump, so there’s no need to empty it out. You can simply get the liquid by pressing the small round nozzle on the top. You may also regulate the dose. It’s pretty simple to use. There isn’t anything complicated about the surgery. You can rectify the thickness problem with nail paint or gel with just a few drops.

Nail Extensions Solution by Morovan

I included again a different Morovan slip solution kit in the list as this brand is reliable. It is an entirely new 120ml PolyGel Slip Solution Set that includes a brush, glass cup, nail cleaner, and clip for the tips of your nails. You can use the Polygel nail slip solution in conjunction with Polygel to form a protective coating, strengthen your natural nails, and generate nails that do not break or peel. Natural and fake nails might also benefit from the liquid treatment. This 120ml Slip Solution set with nail tip clips is ideal for salon or home usage. This nail slip solution set contains helpful acrylic nail clips ideal for quickly extending Polygel nails. They won’t cause you to feel too loose or too tight, and they’ll be easy to wear.

2 in 1 Poly Nail Gel Slip Solution by Morovan

This is a must-have nail product trust me. It’s a four-in-one nail treatment that may aid with Polygel extensions, nail polish removal, nail dehydration, and nail cleaning. You may also use it to remove the sticky coating of nail paint gel. The formula removes even the most complex polishes swiftly and efficiently, making your fingernails prepared for your next mani!

PolyGel Slip Solution by LOUINSTIC

It is an entirely new Polygel nail set with Polygel brushes for nails and 20 lint-free nail cotton pads with a 3-in-1 formula slip solution. It’s a great addition to your Polygel kit, and you may use it in the salon or home. The Polygel slip solution is an odorless and anti-stick solution intended to control gel, with a highly upgraded no toxic organic solvents composition. It may effectively decrease friction between your brush and the Polygel, allowing you to get a smooth trail-free form by preventing your poly nail gel from adhering to the nail brush.

How To Use Polygel Slip Solution?

You need to use a Polygel brush to apply the slip solution in small amounts. Follow the process below to use the Polygel slip solution:

  1. To begin, clean the nail, as usual, removing any debris or grease. They should be filed and then buffed.
  2. Return the cuticle to its original position, but not that far. You just need to apply it until the point where the nail gel does not overlap the skin. It occurs when individuals do their manicures at home, causing extra aggravation and peeling of the nail. Always make sure that your fingertips have as little touch with the skin as possible.
  3. After you’ve completed steps one and two, you’ll need to clean off any remaining surface oils and dirt. You may remove it with rubbing alcohol. You could also apply a conditioning oil to your nails. Simply massage it in completely until you no longer feel it, then thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap.
  4. Prepare whichever gel nail system you’re going to use. Any system can benefit from the usage of a slip solution. For example, if you’re utilizing pair forms, this is the moment to choose the forms that best match each nail. If you’re going to use this popular approach at home, make sure you pick the correct size for each nail.
  5. Make sure the nail slips (shapes) are slightly broader on the edges than the nail if you’re using dual forms. After you’ve created the nail, this will avoid gaps.
  6. After that, you’ll need to shape the fingernail on the form. Begin by applying a tiny amount of the gel to the center of the shape on your nail.
  7. Dip the tip of your Polygel brush into the slip solution. Spread the gel out as much as you can. If necessary, add additional slip solution as you go.
  8. Make sure the Polygel is heavier in the center and lighter on the borders of the nail.
  9. Apply a layer of topcoat.
  10. Cure the nail under an LED or UV lamp for the time suggested on the package of your topcoat after it has reached the desired form.
  11. Reapply the slip solution to the nail’s surface regularly. It ensures that any extra gel is flattened out and removed from the nail.
  12. Cure them for 30 to 60 seconds under the UV or LED light, then wipe away any residue with a hairdryer, paper towel, or a spotless cosmetics brush.

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