Top 8 Acrylic Nail Kits For Beginners

1.Latorice Best Acrylic Nail Kit with Everything for BeginnersView On Amazon
2.Mia Secret Best Professional acrylic nail kit for beginnersView On Amazon
3.Mia Secret Best cheap acrylic nail kit for beginnersView On Amazon
4.Wubefine Affordable acrylic nail kit for beginnersView On Amazon
5.Latorice 36 in 1 Best Beginner-friendly acrylic nail kit for Nail artView On Amazon
6.Best Vafee Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners with Acrylic LiquidView On Amazon
7.Morovan acrylic nail kit for beginners with UV lightView On Amazon
8.Cooserry acrylic nail kit for beginners with glitter acrylic powderView On Amazon

Reviewing the Top 8 Acrylic Nail Kit for Starters of 2021

best acrylic nail kit for beginners

1. Overall best acrylic nail kit for beginners: Latorice Acrylic Nail Kit 

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At long last, I have found something that I can totally recommend as a manicurist. This nail kit comes with acrylic powders, rhinestones, and nail art glitter. This kit really stands out, especially for beginners, for various reasons. For starters, the glitters are pretty. The tweezers are also great and extremely sturdy. The filer and the buffer are of good quality as well. You can use the mini nail stand for practice before you try it out on your nails. The adhesive sticker that comes with the fingers is of good quality.

I really liked the deep cuticles because this can help those who are just learning the art of creating fantastic acrylic nails or want to practice. You simply need to buy the acrylic liquid to get started. The kit is reasonably priced, and you will receive everything shown in the picture. It also comes in a beautiful box, making it an ideal gifting option for yourself and your loved ones. If you want to develop a new skill of creating fantastic nail art during this period of lockdown, get this kit right away. You will not regret this buy for sure.

2. Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail kit For Beginners & Students

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If you are a beginner but want to get your hands on a professional acrylic nail kit, this one is for you. This kit comes with a whole host of items that you can use for sporting acrylic nails, including liquid monomer, nail file, acrylic powder, sanding blocks, nail tips, cuticle oil, and even a hand sanitizer! The kit also includes three packs of 20 nail tips each — white, clear, and natural. The nail brush included is of professional grade. Given the number of items you get in the kit, it is completely value for money. You won’t need to buy a separate drill since the nail file in the kit does a great job.

I recommend this kit for beginners since it contains just the right amount of everything you need to learn and create a full set of acrylic nails. The acrylic powder and monomer mix do not dry up too fast, making it easier to use for beginners. The high-quality packaging and hassle-free shipping is a bonus. So get this kit right away if you want to create professional-looking acrylic nails done sitting right in the comfort of your home.

3. Best Low Budget acrylic nail kit for beginners: Mia Secret Acrylic Nail Kit

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As a beginner, being on a budget is natural. You may be hesitant to shell out a lot of money on a nail kit, especially if you are still not sure acrylic nails are for you. That’s why this acrylic nail kit is a safe bet for you. It is excellent for beginners because of the smaller quantities of the products supplied with the kit. So in case you don’t like acrylic nails, you won’t feel too bad about spending a lot of money. This kit is a better option than buying all the products separately.

The monomer and the acrylic powder are sufficient to last you for two sets of acrylic nails. I have tried a lot of cheaper acrylic nail kits, but by far, this one gives the best results, almost as good as nails done in a salon. The acrylic powder in the kit provides you adequate time to apply and shape it the way you want to before it sets. As a professional, I would recommend purchasing a dampen dish and nail dehydrator liquid to make the most out of this kit. Otherwise, it is an excellent investment for beginners and totally a bang for your buck.

4. Runner-up – Affordable acrylic nail kit for beginners: Wubefine Acrylic Nail Kit

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This kit makes it to my list of honorable mentions for beginners. It comes with all the essential tools one needs to get started with. Among other things, you get three types of acrylic powder and 75 ml monomer liquid. It is also packaged in a beautiful box, making it an excellent option for gifting your friends and family too. I recommend this for beginners because using this kit is a cakewalk. It comes with a practice finger so that you can try it out before you put the acrylic on your nails.

I daresay that getting a set of acrylic nails has never been easier. Simply mix the powder with monomer and start your acrylic nail journey. It also comes with an easy to follow guidebook that will tell you all the steps you need to follow for creating acrylic nails. The different tools provided in the box will definitely give you the best set of acrylic nails. All in all, a safe bet to invest in when you are a beginner. In case you don’t want to go through the entire process of mixing acrylic powder and liquid, you can also use the dip powders that come with this kit. For best results, make sure that your nails are completely dry, clean, and oil-free. Make sure that you don’t apply the gel on the skin or cuticle.

5. Best Beginner-friendly Latorice 36 in 1 Acrylic Set for Nail Art

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Getting acrylic nails in salons can be really expensive. If you are on the lookout for long-lasting sparkling nail tips that is also easy on your pocket, this one is the best beginner-friendly acrylic nail kit in the market. You get a decent quantity of all the essential products for creating fabulous acrylic nails and nail art. It comes with three types of acrylic powder, which are really unique.

Rhinestones and glitters are included — you can use them for creating a variety of different nail art designs. The kit also comes with a set of instructions you can follow. You also get a practice finger so that you can sharpen your skills before trying it out on your nails. You may want to invest in a nail drill in case you don’t find the nail file adequate for the job. However, I would consider that strictly optional — as a beginner, and you can still use the filer. A word of caution, though — make sure that the liquid does not touch the cuticle. Order this one right away if you need a beginner-friendly kit that delivers great results.

6. Best Acrylic Nail set for Beginners with Acrylic Liquid: Vafee Professional Clear Acrylic Powder with Acrylic liquid

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If this is your maiden voyage with acrylic nails, this MMA free acrylic nail kit is what the manicurist ordered. Visiting a nail salon during a global pandemic is not recommended. But that doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on your nails. Use this bubble-free acrylic powder and acrylic liquid that will offer you extraordinary clarity. You can increase the thickness of your acrylic by simply adding more acrylic powder or thinning it out by brushing out.

The ease of use makes it a safe bet for beginners. Moreover, since there is no MMA, there is virtually no smell to sting your nostrils. Even though the acrylic liquid is a little thicker, beginners can handle the consistency. It is formulated with UV stabilizers that ensure color clarity and prevents yellowing or dulling. The nail color will stay vibrant for weeks. As a beginner, you will find It is really easy to apply, and in case of any mistakes, you can take it off and start again. You can also shape and buff them quickly to get the desired shape.

7. Acrylic nail kit for beginners with UV light: Morovan kit for beginners

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If you are looking for an acrylic nail kit for a beginner that also comes with UV light, this is the kit to bring home. This shinny glitter acrylic nail kit that comes with trendy color gel nail polishes can help you create high-quality and fashionable nails right at home.

This kit stands out for me because of the 36 W LED lamp that can cure different types of gel polishes. You can select 60 seconds or 90 seconds, or 120 seconds. The LED lamp accelerates the curing of the nails. So even when you are running short on time, you can still flaunt gorgeous acrylic nails. The kit also comes with all the essential tools that you would need, such as –

  • acrylic brushes,
  • nail polish cleaning wraps,
  • false French nail tips,
  • nail polish remover wipes,
  • nail cutter,
  • UV gel brushes,
  • nail rhinestones, and a lot more.

You can play around with six shades of gel polishes. You can also use metallic glitter powder, strip glitter sequins, and beautiful crystals to create stunning nail art. Additionally, the multicolored nail strapping tapes make it really easy for beginners to create perfectly straight lines. For the variety of supplies in this kit, it is a steal.

8. Cooserry 115 In 1 Acrylic Nail Kit with glitter acrylic powder

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This kit comes with acrylic glitter powder that is perfect for nail lovers to create fabulous acrylic nails. Beginners will find it incredibly easy to use the acrylic powder in three colors and acrylic liquid. You also get five fake fingers and two hundred fake nails so that you can experiment with various ideas without hurting your natural fingernails. The forty-eight shades of glitter powder can help you to create endless combinations that you would like to try.

I recommend this kit for beginners because of the acrylic powder and liquid that set in slowly. So even if you mess up the first time, you can always start afresh. With all the essential tools included, it is a great kit to start experimenting with different types of acrylic nails. Without a doubt, this kit is a great value for money.

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