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How To Buy The Best Nail Drill Bits For Professionals?

If you’re new to using an electric nail file as a professional nail stylist, deciding which drill bit to use for specific nail applications might be difficult because of the several options.

In this article, we will clarify the function of the nail drill bit, how to avoid a bad drill bit, different types of bits and their usages in every simple term, and finally list the top most drill bits that professionals need and use widely.

A nail bit is essentially a revolving nail file used to form fake nails. You must connect them to an electrically operated handpiece.

They can execute various filing duties, saving a nail technician time and effort. Knowing what drill bit to practice with will cut down on practice time and boost efficiency later.

Whether you’re practicing or working on gel polish or more complex nail additions like dipping powder, hard gel, or acrylics good quality nail drill bits are essential.

Parts of a Nail Drill Bit

A shank and head are the two primary components of a nail bit next to each other. In comparison to the head, the shank is a tiny cylindrical rod.

According to industry standards, the shank must be either 1/8 or 3/32 inches in diameter. The 1/8-inch shanks are utilized in earlier nail drills, whereas the 3/32-inch shanks are primarily used in table-top or portable nail drills.

Nail drill bits come from drill bits that work on different hard materials such as wood, plastic, and metals.

The first nail drill bit used on natural nails was a primary mandrel or cylindrical rod to which a sanding band is mounted to apply final touches on acrylic nails.

What Is The Function Of A Nail Drill Bit?

The drill bits’ heads come with a succession of little cutting edges that may remove softer materials when forced against them

. Because burrs’ cutting edges are so thin, they may often be touched with a finger while spinning without piercing the skin, which bends out of the way, however, pinching or gripping them from two sides is not safe.

The tools remove hard metal or ceramic workpieces because they cannot bend beyond the cutting blades. Because the nail drill bit’s cutting blades are only constructed in one direction, it can only remove material when driven in that direction. As a result, there are “right-hand” and “left-hand” nail drill bits.

How Do You Know Whether A Nail Bit Is Bad?

It’s a faulty drill bit when the drill bit’s shank and head are out of alignment. The drill bit is no longer adjusted, and you should remove it if you can feel vibrations traveling from the drill bit to a nail drill and the fingernail being worked on.

Always replace the drill bit after usage since this is a good practice. After cleaning, they should be stored in a suitable container to avoid accidental drops.

Different Types Of Essential Nail Drill Bits And Uses 

An electric nail drill, sometimes known as an e-file, is a rotating instrument that uses electricity to file nails or remove nail enhancements. A nail drill would require “bits” to do specific tasks.

Coated drill tips are available in various grades, materials, sizes, and forms. The following are the several nail drill bits that are available:

Nail Bit TypesUses
Natural Nail Bits The natural nail bit helps buff the nail’s surface,
remove the dead cuticle,
and smooth out the cuticle region.
Large and Small Barrel Bits The barrel pieces are for backfilling,
shortening, and contouring the nail,
as well as creating a smile line.
UNC Bits The UNC bit is typically used for sidewalls
and under the nail cleaning.
Certain nail professionals also use this bit to
create designer gaps in the nails.
Cone Bits You can use this cone-shaped bit to clean
the nail and prepare the cuticle region and sides.
Tapered Barrel Surface work, in-fill prep, cuticle preparation,
and sidewall preparation
are great uses for the Tapered barrel bit.
Mandrel Bit You can use it for pedicures,
surface work, and removing gels.
Safety Bits These are essentially cuticle safety pieces,
and they offer safe cuticle work.
They’re ideal for in-filling cuticles.
Maintenance Bits/Backfill Bits Maintenance bits, also known as backfill bits,
help refill white tip powders on a
French manicure and repair and repaint the smile line.
Carbide BitsCarbide bits are suitable for removing acrylics
and superb tools for expert users.
You must not use them on natural nails.
Diamond Bits Diamond bits help scrape away the built-up product,
although they generate more debris
and friction than other bits.

📌Natural Nail Bits

Synthetic rubber is widely used to make this type of nail bit. But the carbide-made ones are long-lasting like the above one from Makartt. The natural nail bit can buff the nail’s surface, remove the dead cuticle, and smooth out the cuticle region.

These bits are commonly used and a must-have for professionals as well as home users. Synthetic rubber pieces wear out quickly, so ensure to reshape it with a bare hand file after each usage.

📌Large and Small Barrel Bits

The barrel bits are excellent for nail surface work. They are smooth and have a round top. This unique design aids in shielding the nails from damage and preventing cuticles from getting harmed. 

You can also use the barrel pieces for backfilling, shortening, and contouring the nail, as well as creating a smile line.

Above is the very popular Pana Small Barrel Nail Bit.

📌UNC Bits

Underneath the nail, the cleaning bit is called the UNC bit. The UNC bit has a pointed and compact form. The tip size varies from one manufacturer to the next. This specific form aids the bit’s maneuverability in confined places. The UNC bit is widely used for sidewall cleaning and under nail cleaning.

Certain nail professionals also use this bit to create designer holes in the nails. The above UNC bit from Pana is the most highly rated one.

📌Cone Bits

The form of the cone bit is long, slender, and tapered. You can use this cone-shaped bit for various tasks, including cleaning beneath the nail and prepping the cuticle region and sidewalls. You can also use the bit on the top of the nail. Check the above cone bit out.

📌Tapered Barrel

It’s smaller than the cone bit and works well for top, in-fill, cuticle, and sidewall prep. This popular one is from Pana.

📌Mandrel Bit

Rubber or metal are typically used for this bit. This Pana Mandrel bit is of Carbide. Only after putting the mandrel bit into the sanding band can you operate with it. After working on a customer, you must replace the sanding band composed of paper.

📌Safety Bits

These are essentially cuticle safety pieces, and they help with safe cuticle work. They have a circular top and come in a wide range of forms. These parts allow you to easily access the cuticle and sides of the nail without hurting it.

📌Backfill Bits/Maintenance Bits

Maintenance bits, also known as backfill bits, help refill white tip powder on a French manicure and repair and repaint the smile line.

Maintenance pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The 2-week bit is used for precisely what it says on the tin. After 2 weeks of growth, it trenches backfill.

This bit is a fourth of the size of a significant barrel bit. The 4-week bit is half the size of a significant barrel bit and is used to backfill trenches after 4 weeks of growth.

📌Carbide Bits

Carbide metal (composed of carbon and metal) is used to make the carbide bits. The carbide bits are designed to endure a long time. The carbide bit has flute-like incisions on it.

These incisions allow the carbide bit to scrape off the enhancement product rather than scratching it as diamond bits do. The grooves on the bit prevent the grid scale from being read.

Coarse grit comes from dip and big flutes. Shallower flutes usually indicate a more delicate bit. Carbide bits are suitable for removing acrylics and superb tools for expert users.

📌Diamond Bits

Diamond bits are the toughest and can be made from natural or synthetic sources. They are used to scrape off the built-up product, but they produce more debris and friction than the previously stated pieces, generating more heat. They won’t rust after disinfection, either. Diamond is used to making the majority of cuticle drill bits.

How To Buy The Best Nail Drill Bit?

Given the extensive range of drill bits accessible, the best ones allow you to work securely on another person’s fingernails without damaging them, save working time, and increase artistry. Once you’ve mastered the standard drill bit, and the essential drill bit,

– selecting the drill bits that are most suited for your hands,

-the manner you work,

-and the type of nail products you typically work on will be much easier.

In easier terms, you will be much more experienced.

Best and Essential Nail Drill Bits For Professionals 

Safety Nail Carbide from USA Pana

The grit size of the drill bit determines the coarseness of the grits. To enable multifunctional use, the 2X Coarse drill bit contains Coarse Grit on the top, Extra Coarse Grit in the center, and 2X Coarse Grit at the bottom. It works well with acrylics and hard gels. This one bit does it all: cleans, shapes, cuts, smooths, and removes! It’s constructed of carbide, the second hardest substance after diamonds.


  • Exceptional Quality
  • Works in both directions
  • Remover of hard materials
  • There will be no messes
  • Long-term use


  • It is a bit thick and chunky

100 Nail Drill Bits by MelodySusie

MelodySusie sanding strips comprise solid plastic, and you may use them to remove gel overlays or reduce acrylic or fake nails. It’s tough, long-lasting, and abrasion-resistant. It is appropriate for nail salons, beauty parlors, spas, and homes and will not come apart during usage. The sanding bands are made to fit most 3/32″ nail drill machines used for cuticle removal, grinding, smoothening, shaping, shortening, and polishing for all nail arts.


  • Superior quality
  • Multifunctional
  • Portable and light
  • Easy to use


  • A little bit pricey

Nail Drill Bits by Bulex

The nail drill bits will help you enhance your acrylic nails to perfection. You may use them with any 3/32″ nail drill. They’re ideal for use at a nail salon, spa, or personal pedicures and manicures. The professional filing drill bits are strong enough to remove stubborn gel nails with less friction and heat while producing less dust. This high-quality nail drill will become one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in your professional nail supplies, whether you’re a nail technician or enjoy doing your nails at home.


  • Multifunctional
  • Robust
  • Smooth
  • Drill bits don’t heat up
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires regular maintenance

Acrylic Gel Nail Bit Kit with Diamond and Ceramic

6pcs Special Under Nail Cleaner (UNC) Bits, 2pcs Flame Bits & 1pcs Brush, 2pcs Ball-shaped Bits, 8pcs ceramic nail file bits are available in the nail drill bits set. Most electric or chargeable nail file machines may use their global 3/32-inch nail drill bits. Ideal for a nail shop, spa, or personal manicure and pedicure. Use diamond with the highest accuracy requirements for strength, clarity, and longevity. You can count on these cuticles to drill nail bits to last a long time.


  • Versatile
  • Premium material
  • Excellent for refining and shaping nail edges
  • Easy to store


  • Some bits can be bulky

Professional Carbide Bit from PANA USA

It’s a high-quality Cone Shaped Carbide Bit made of robust, long-lasting black carbide that’s more resilient for more rigid acrylics and lasts three times longer than standard carbide bits. Cutting action can be used to remove a product with a smooth top, resulting in less dust and less friction and heat. To remove cuticles, the top may get into tight spots.


  • Long-lasting black carbide material
  • Highly durable
  • Smooth top
  • Creates less dust
  • Quickly get into tight areas


  • It does not fit in all-electric drills

Set of Nail Drill Bits by Makartt 

The nail drill bit set includes 10 drill bits in various sizes for reshaping, cleaning, smoothing, sanding, polishing, carving, building nail gel or acrylic nails, and a professional nail drill set to fulfill all cuticle removal, shaping, or removing gel art nails demands. Makartt drill bit set nails are ideal nail tools for any professional nail technician supplies, even novices, and are suitable for natural and artificial nails.


  • It comes in 10 shapes
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for all
  • Highly durable


  • It may not be long lasting

Ceramic Nail Drill Bit by LesManicure

It is made of high-quality ceramics, is wear-resistant, produces little heat, has flute-like cuts, and produces little dust. It’s safer than a metalhead at the same speed, and you won’t cut yourself or harm your stratum corneum. It is the ideal option for nail art specialists. Acrylic nails, top coat and base coat, artificial nails, dipping powder, builder gel, hard gel, rhinestone adhesive, and other materials may be removed with ease using the corn head shape.


  • Great for beginners
  • Will last
  • Great design
  • Easy to work with


  • It May take time to adjust

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