Can You Use and Mix Acrylic Paint With Nail Polish?

can you mix acrylic paint with nail polish

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard that acrylic nail paints are the latest rage. Most people love getting a great manicure and finish it off with a lovely coat of acrylic paint. Even if you don’t feel like stepping into a salon and shelling out a lot of money, you can still use acrylic paint at home to color your nails pretty.

Acrylic paints are non-toxic and don’t take forever to dry. You also get a number of color options to choose from. Most importantly, the finish offered by acrylic paint looks great. If you apply it without a topcoat, it retains a matte finish. Top it off with a clear polish, and you get a set of glossy nails to show off. So you must be wondering if it is a good idea to mix acrylic paint with nail polish?

Can you still achieve the same results by mixing acrylic paints with nail polish? Will you notice a significant change in the finish? In this article, we will examine this question to solve your dilemma.

Can You Mix Acrylic Paint With Clear Nail Polish?

A lot of women prefer sealing their acrylic paint with a coat of clear polish. This enhances the longevity of the nail paint. It makes it resistant to chipping so that you don’t have to keep refreshing your nails with a fresh coat of acrylic paint every couple of days. However, adding a clear polish on top is very different from actually mixing acrylic paint with nail polish.

can you mix acrylic paint with clear nail polish

You cannot mix acrylic paint with clear nail polish because, the chemical structure of nail polish and acrylic paint is quite different. Nail polish is an oil-based compound. On the other hand, acrylic paint is a water-soluble compound. Mixing oil with water is not a good idea. It will end up solidifying badly, and you cannot apply the resulting mixture to your nails.

So you can use the clear polish as a topcoat only. It is best to avoid mixing these chemicals together. Moreover, there is no real benefit of combining them.

You can get access to a wide variety of acrylic paints. You can mix different acrylic paints to create customized colors. You can even achieve gorgeous nail art on the base coat of acrylic paint.

Can You Mix Acrylic Paint With Gel Nail Polish?

Gel nail polishes are another popular option available in the market. Most prefer these polishes for their durability. Once you apply gel nail polish, you can experience a chip-free manicure for weeks.

Can you use acrylic paint with gel nail polish

Gel polishes also feel a lot sturdier compared to regular polishes. If you apply the polish and place your hand under a UV lamp, the polish hardens. That’s why gel polishes are also resistant to accidental breakages.

If you apply gel nail polishes with proper care and maintain them well, your nails will remain damage-free. It is hardly surprising why more people are keen on opting for gel polishes. So the question is — are acrylic paints a suitable companion for gel nail polishes?

Just like regular nail polishes,  you cannot mix gel nail polish with acrylic paint. Gel nail polishes are also oil-based. Since acrylic nail paints are water-soluble, it is best to avoid mixing both. Otherwise, you will end up with a gooey mess.

But the good news is that it is possible to use gel polishes along with acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are an excellent choice for a lot of nail art projects. Doing nail art on your gel polish base is a great idea.

Once you finish applying the gel nail polish, allow it to dry completely. Apply a top coat and let it air dry. Then buff it gently for a matte finish.

You can then choose acrylic paints of your choice to create fantastic nail art. It is really easy to work with these paints. They don’t drip as much and dry really soon.

Can You Paint Acrylic Nails With Nail Polish?

Once you get acrylic nails, you open the door to numerous possibilities. One of the good things about acrylic nails is that you can use regular polish for creating a variety of nail art. The acrylic combined with your nail polish can make your manicure last longer.

While combining regular polish with acrylic paint may coagulate, applying a regular nail polish layer over acrylic nail has a different effect. The solvents of nail polish change the chemical composition of the acrylics slightly.

This results in an extremely strong bond, which is a lot more durable than the acrylic nail alone. It also makes your nail polish completely chip-resistant. The best news is that you can use any regular polish to achieve this effect, without breaking the bank.

Can You Use Gel Polish On Acrylic Nails?

Applying gel polish on acrylic nails is undoubtedly an option you can explore. Once the gel nail polish dries up, it becomes really hard and chip-resistant. Combining it with acrylic nails can get you even better nails.

However, if you are planning to use gel polish on your acrylic nails, do so under the supervision of a nail technician only. Gel polishes need a UV lamp for drying and curing. It is best to avoid doing this at home.

For gel polishes, utmost precision is imperative. Otherwise, you may run the risk of ruining your perfect acrylic nails. It can even damage your cuticle and lead to nasty ingrown nails.

If you apply gel polish, try not to buff the acrylic nail. Gel polishes provide a high shine. So using them on acrylic nails will give you a set of super shiny and healthy nails you can proudly flaunt. 


Acrylic nails and acrylic paints are in vogue. So go ahead and make the best out of this trend. But never hesitate to experiment with regular and gel nail polishes too!

Using regular or gel nail polishes over acrylic nails can produce marvelous results. Your life may not be perfect, but your manicure can be. Dress up your nails right away!

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