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Why Do Nails Grow Faster With Acrylic?

Whether you’re a long-time artificial nail wearer or new to the trend, you’ve probably noticed that acrylic nails cause your nails to grow quicker. Human nails develop at a pace of 1/8″ each month on average, regardless of whether they have acrylics or not. These layers of more muscular, longer-lasting acrylics on top of natural nails safeguard them from regular wear and tear while not speeding up their growth.

On the other hand, acrylics provide the misleading appearance that nails grow faster. Acrylics can make your hands seem beautiful and polished, but they can also function as a protective barrier or shield while your natural nails continue to develop.

When you use a standard clipper and cuticle scissors to apply nail paint, you cut away a portion of the top layer of the nail. The thicker, more extended nail layer that remains in the nail bed develops with the rest of your nails throughout time. Even if they have acrylics or other artificial nails, human nails grow at a pace of roughly 1/4 inch every year. Because acrylic and natural nails are coated in nail paint and other reasons, they might get thinner and shorter over time.

Is It Possible For Acrylic Nails To Grow Faster?

It is one of the most often asked topics, and most ladies who started wearing nails don’t know the answer. It is necessary to understand how the nail grows to determine whether these nail products are effective. In essence, nails develop only according to biological processes.

So, to answer the question “do acrylic nails grow quicker,” consider what happens when you grow your nails. Coconut oil is the most efficient natural product for promoting quicker nail growth. Growing nails is a gradual process that begins with the formation of the nails behind the cuticles on the exterior of the nails.

The cuticle separates from the nail bed over time, causing the nail to develop at a snail’s pace. The cuticles and nail bed begin to knit after a few weeks of separation, resulting in healthy and strong nails. However, once you start using fake nails, all of your hard work goes to nothing since the nails begin to break quickly. It’s critical to use quality nail care products to avoid breaking.

Is Getting Acrylic Nails Beneficial To Nail Growth?

Any nail treatment, whether it’s hard gels, gel paint, SNS dip systems, or acrylics, can only protect your nails from wearing out. The extra layer of a vital substance on top of the natural nails strengthens and thickens them, preventing breaking and wear. When you stop caring for your acrylics or remove them from your natural nails, they are again susceptible to wear and tear from regular, daily activities like typing or rubbing against harsh surfaces. They will shatter if your nails are weak and prone to breaking.

How To Stop Acrylic Nails From Growing Too Fast?

It’s tough to calm down and ask yourself, “How can I stop acrylic nails from growing so fast?” while you’re walking about with your hands full of groomed acrylic nails. It’s almost as though the more you do it, the more quickly they grow.

The good news is that there are several things you can start doing to learn how to slow them down while also having them last a little longer. It’s very unusual for people’s nails to proliferate. It doesn’t imply that you’ll obtain a lower-paying job or anything like that. It simply signifies that the salon’s nail varnishes or conditioners aren’t allowing the nails to grow out as they should.

You may go out right now and get a fantastic collection of nail varnishes to assist you in achieving the nails you desire. However, the key to ensuring that they survive a long time is to ensure that you take adequate care of them. Because acrylic nails are so thick, they grow quickly.

They don’t have the cushioning that most other types of nails have, so they’ll have to work that much harder. You must learn how to properly care for your acrylic nails if you want to stop them from growing so quickly.

Is It Possible To Shorten Acrylic Nails?

There are two approaches you may take if your acrylic nails have grown longer or are too long for your liking. If you have to do it yourself, use the coarse side of an emery board to shorten your acrylic nail. Because acrylics are more challenging to work with than natural nails, it will take some time to complete all 10 nails.

You’ll wind up with thicker acrylic nails at the tips after you reduce them. While filing your acrylic nails shorter, place a piece of paper towel or an old towel beneath your hands. They’ll collect all acrylic nail dust, making cleanup a breeze.

Clipping, on the other hand, is not advised. You should not clip acrylic nails with nail clippers. If you try to clip your acrylic nails, you risk cracking them and ruining the form of your nails.

Your nail technician may use a set of nail clippers to shorten your artificial nails. She can do that because she uses both hands and understands how to clip them, but you don’t. Pay close attention to how a manicurist clips your acrylics the next time you come in for an acrylic fill. You’ll understand why.


Acrylic nails offer the misleading impression of promoting nail growth. Your nails are growing at an average rate; you’re simply seeing it more. You must not apply acrylics on very short nails since the nail below is still developing. If you’re going to use acrylics, make sure you take proper care of them, so you don’t end up damaging your nails even more. When using acrylics, be sure to use a primer and topcoat, as the chemicals in them are powerful enough to disintegrate nail polish. You should also utilize a ridge filler before applying any polish. They will be healthy as long as you properly care for them afterward with a bath and oil.

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