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These are the Best Nail Extensions For Short Bitten Nails

No matter how beautifully you represent yourself, if you have short bitten nails and you are not doing anything about them, your look is incomplete. Luckily there are some great nail extensions to make your nails classy, elegant, and smart.

These extensions will also help you to stop biting your nails and make them grow naturally. Here we have listed below the top nail extensions available for short bitten nails.

Nail Extensions In Acrylic

Women with brittle or weak nails might benefit from acrylic extensions. Acrylics are ideal for ladies who chew their nails since they are tough to remove. Acrylic nails have been around longer than their counterparts, so most salon and spa nail technicians are well-versed in how to apply and remove them.

are my nails too short for acrylics

There are no adverse side effects to be concerned about. They are more durable than gel nails. Gel nails have a glossy and a more natural appearance, while acrylic nails are more robust and lasting.

Nail biters are big fans of acrylic nail extensions. A thick coating of acrylic powder is applied to strengthen the nail tips. Gel nails are weaker than acrylic nails.

Acrylic powder is available in a wide range of hues, including clear acrylic, peach acrylic, pink acrylic, and many more.

Transparent acrylic is typically used to build over the nail tips, and gel nail polish is added when the acrylic buildup is complete.

The acrylic nail comprises a paste made up of a monomer liquid and a polymer powder attached to your natural nail and tip. This paste hardens over time, and you can use it for up to 3 weeks.

Nail Extensions With Gel

Gel nails are great for short and bitten nails. The gel comes in two varieties. There are two types of gel: hard and soft. Hard gel is durable enough that you may use it to generate substantial nail extensions once applied. It is always put over the nail tips, regardless of gel type. Soft gel nail paints/polishes and products for nail overlays are commonly referred to as soft gel.

It’s too soft to make any nail extensions out of it. Gel extensions can be done in two ways: The first method is placing a form beneath the natural’s tip, applying a hard gel on top, and curing (or hardening) it using UV or LED light. The second (and more popular) approach involves applying a pre-shaped gel tip to your natural nail, similar to a boosted press-on. Gel nail extensions work as a protective layer over your natural nails.

It’s a simple technique to give your nails direct extension, attempt a new shape, and experiment with elaborate nail art. It’s also helpful for people who bite their nails!

The majority of gel extensions last for three or four weeks. Your nails will have grown out by that time, and there will most likely be a gap between the natural and gel nails. The lifetime of your gel nail extensions is determined by how thoroughly you prepare your nails before application.

The cuticle and how you file the nail are also essential factors in how long the gels linger on the nails. Your nail technician cannot speed the procedure; else, your nails will not endure. You may receive a refill or get rid of the gel totally after three weeks.

Silk Nail Extensions

You’ve probably heard of gel nails. Acrylic nails are also likely to be known to you. Do you have any idea what silk nail wraps are? If you’re searching for a trendy alternative to natural-appearing nails, these silk wraps are a good choice. It’s what it says on the tin. Silk wrap nails are nails that have been wrapped with silk to give a beautiful look. This style is popular because of its stunning effects and does minimum damage to natural nails while boosting their beauty. Silk nail wraps can also strengthen weak, broken, brittle, or bitten nails. Silk wrap nails are comparable to gel nails in specific ways.

Nail Extensions Made Of Fiberglass

Fiberglass nails comprise sheets of fiberglass material trimmed down to nail tips that are highly robust to nail extensions. Fiberglass nails are incredibly light. These tips may be put to natural nails using nail adhesive and then covered with gel or acrylic polish.

Fiberglass is a thin substance that looks like cloth, divided into teeny-tiny strands. Your nail artist will apply resin glue along the edge of the nail, attach the fiberglass, and add another layer of glue to fix the fabric. Because the adhesive hardens the cloth, shaping the extension with an emery board or a nail drill is simple.


Nail biters must maintain their nails short of receiving the most significant extensions. Coat your nails with a bitter or spicy flavor to keep you from biting them. Put on a pair of gloves, similar to how toddlers put on mittens to protect their hands from scratches and nail chewing. Stress and worry can cause nail-biting, so find ways to de-stress or avoid it. Keep your hands occupied, so you don’t bite your nails. Spend money on a costly manicure, such as the ones described above, so that you won’t bite your beautiful nails.

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