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How To Use A Builder Gel On Natural Nails?

Women today have so many alternatives for nail extensions – from glittery acrylics to breathtaking nail art effects, the manicure industry never fails to surprise!

As a result, it’s more crucial than ever to master the fundamentals. Now is an excellent opportunity to address some of the most often asked concerns about builder gels and how to use them effectively.

What Precisely Is Builder Gel?

A builder gel is used when you wish to add length, density, or toughness to your nails. You can use builder gel to create a non-chip overlay over natural nails, extensions, or enhancements on nail tips.

Great gel manicures can last up to four weeks, depending upon the nature you choose and how thoroughly you apply it, as well as how thoroughly you remove the previous covering.

A sturdy and healthy base is required when it comes to natural nails. Always follow the guidelines supplied by your chosen gel brand to get the best results.

It usually entails just utilizing materials from your selected gel nail system – for example, without combining one building gel with another brand’s topcoat.

You must also use the proper LED or UV nail light for the appropriate period. When the building gel starts to wear out, you can either infill it like acrylic or remove it and apply another set right away if the fingernail is still in good shape.

What Is The Most Effective Method For Applying Builder Gel?

The way you utilize builder gel is determined by the brand you select. Some require using a primer or base coat before use, while others may be applied straight to the nail for a quicker outcome.

If you’re going to use builder gel on your natural nail, apply it in a few layers and keep on building it up to the desired thickness and shape, curing in between.

If you’re extending the nail, start by applying your nail tip or form before applying the gel and creating the length. The following is the usual process for applying a builder gel:

  1. Cleaning, filing, and polishing the nails are steps in the preparation process. Trim the cuticle by pushing it back. Wipe the nails with a nail cleanser or acetone using a lint-free pad.
  2. If your building gel requires it, apply a base coat or primer. Cure under a nail light if necessary. You can unfollow this step to save time if you don’t need a primer.
  3. Apply the Builder gel on your face. You may paint it on if you’re using a packaged building gel. You’ll need to pick up a small amount of gel with your nail brush if you have a container. Make sure the free edge is covered and avoid the cuticle. Allow the building gel to level itself for a few seconds before applying it evenly.
  4. Cure using an LED UV light. The instructions for the building gel you choose should tell you what kind of light to use and how long to cure it for.
  5. If required, apply a second coat and cure.
  6. Clean the nail using lint-free wipes and isopropyl alcohol to remove any tackiness.
  7. File the nails, polish the desired shape, and smooth out any overly thick areas.
  8. After cleaning the fingernail, apply your color or topcoat. If you desire a different color, paint the gel polish and cure it again.
  9. After all of your gel has been applied and properly cured, your manicure is complete. To ensure the manicure lasts, use a little cuticle oil and follow all aftercare guidelines.

How To Remove Builder Gel?

You can remove builder gel using a variety of methods. It is all about personal taste which direction you go. All of the products are soak-off.

You may speed up any removal processes by scraping off the top layer of your Builder Gel. Remove the gel removal wrapper by tearing the perforated end off.

Secure the wrap by wrapping it around your fingertip. You can do it using the plastic strip included with the wrap. Repeat the directions on each finger.

To speed up the removal process, place a warmed heat pack on the tips of your fingers over the removal wrap while soaking.

After 10 minutes, carefully remove the wrap and delicately scrape the polish using a cuticle pusher or a wooden stick. If you have to use force to get the color out, it isn’t ready yet; keep soaking and repeat this process every 5 minutes.


Builder Gels are medium to high viscosity gels that may create and build forms. They are more lasting than brush-on gels, and are people commonly use them for nail extensions and natural nail overlays in the professional nail industry.

The tensile strength of these nails is equivalent to that of artificial nails. The building gel has a two-week shelf life. Your nails will have grown out by that time, and you will notice.

You can cure builder gel with an LED or UV light; you will see the instructions printed on the builder gel’s surface. UV lamps take three minutes to switch on, but LED illumination takes one minute.

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