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How To Get Rid Of Natural Nail Growth Under Acrylics?

Grown-out natural nails under artificial nails are not only annoying but they do tend to get really dirty. Another big problem with natural nails growing out under acrylics or any other nail enhancement is that they grow in a curve – which results in creating pressure at the middle of the false nails. Later the pressure increases throughout and without breaking or cracking the artificial nails just come off.

I once encountered a client having a problem with the side corners of her natural nails which are creating pressure on the skin as the nails grow. Clearly, getting rid of natural nail growth under acrylics or any other artificial enhancements is crucial.

Before addressing the solutions, I want to mention some very important info so from later on natural nail growth does not become a very big problem for you or you can avoid it to some extent.

Natural nail growth results in a painful or annoying experience when your nail tech does not clear them out while doing the artificial nails. Always check after having your nails done if the underneaths of your nails are feeling smooth or you are not feeling any lip of your natural nail. Because if you already have some natural nails left then soon they will grow out and the time of your refill will be further away.

Now let’s talk about the solutions to growing ugly natural nails underneath your beautiful artificial nails.

Nails Under Acrylics Too Long – How to Cut Real Nails Under Acrylics?

If the natural nails have become too long below your acrylics then try using a small nail clipper to clip as much as natural nails as possible. If that is not an option as the nail clipper is not going under your artificial nails or maybe it has the chance of ruining your acrylics then follow the below steps.


Before doing this please understand, I don’t recommend cleaning natural nails if you are a beginner as there are multiple chances of you hurting yourself. So, please try the below steps with caution.


You will need an electric nail drill and a needle bit to clean grown-out natural nails under your artificial nails. If you have a carbide bit, you can use it too.

Carbide bit not only helps in cleaning natural nails but also in reshaping or shortening really long acrylic nails. However, I prefer needle bit for cleaning under the nail as it is thinner and works really well to just getting in there.

Set the electric drill at 20,000 rotating speed because at this speed you will not harm your natural nails if any mishap happens. Start the drill bit from the middle and slowly buff the nail to the side.

Repeat the process and dust the nail residues frequently to get a better view. Don’t buff the underneath of the acrylics or artificial nail if you feel like there is dirt. I have a better solution for that. Buffing will weaken the artificial nails.

For now, focus on cleaning grown-out long natural nails under your acrylics with the drill bit. Also, make sure you are not hurting your Hyponychium and its Onychodermal band.

As these are very crucial parts of your nails that support the nail bed. Keep buffing until you feel a smooth surface.

Getting a perfectly smooth experience is not possible but you can surely get a good clean. This is the most useful way of getting rid of natural nails under your acrylics.

Cleaning dirt under artificial nails or between natural and arcylic nails:

Cleaning dirt under artificial nails is very easy. You need Q-tips, some alcohol cleanser, and a nail moisturizer or oil.

Dip the Q-tip in alcohol and clean the underneath of your artificial nails. Dirt and stain will vanish like magic. Then apply some nail oil, as alcohol will strip out moisture from the nails. That’s it and the result will be clean and tidy nails.

Tips To keep Grown out Natural Nails and Acrylic healthy

Acrylic nails, like natural nails, get filthy beneath from everyday activities like playing with your kids, working in the yard, and doing the things you like. To prevent germs or fungus from growing under your acrylic nails, keep them clean. Wash your hands mildly with antibacterial soap to remove the debris under your acrylic nails. Under acrylic nails, bacteria and fungus can develop.

Make sure your nails are completely dried. Moisture can cause the artificial nails to peel off your natural nails and encourage the growth of germs and fungus. When doing things like dishwashing or cleaning with chemical cleaners, use gloves.

Use a soft-bristle toothbrush or a nail brush to remove hard-to-reach dirt beneath the acrylics. To eliminate dirt, gently rub the brush below the nails. To remove dirt from beneath the acrylic, use the brush, wet or dry and scrape for only a few seconds. When you go out, bring a brush with you to swiftly clean any dirt, food, or cosmetics that may have gotten under your nails.

To eliminate debris and germs that may be forming beneath the surface of your nails, soak a ball of cotton in a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Use it to wipe around your cuticles and underneath your acrylics. Apply a transparent layer of nail paint in the morning if the alcohol dulls the shine on your nails.

Don’t forget to moisturize.

How To Wash Hands With Acrylic Nails?

Wash your hands with acrylic nails with mild soap and water. You may also want to clean the surfaces of your acrylics using a soft-bristled nail brush since they tend to harbor more germs than the rest of your nails. Wet your hands and rub them together to distribute soap, then gently work the soap around the top and bottom of your acrylics with the brush.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds. It is the same length of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. After you’ve washed your hands and nails, make sure they’re scorched. Keeping your nails dry will assist in preventing germs and fungus from spreading. Using a clean, dry cloth, pat your skin and nails. Try to avoid warm air dryers. To dry your nails, use a paper or cloth towel.


Acrylic nails look great on practically everyone! Even if your natural nails are short, you may have long, attractive nails with acrylics. If you wish to wear acrylics for a long time, make sure you maintain your nails clean, do everything you can to minimize damage, and use wise methods. Water will weaken your acrylics, which may loosen them, making them come undone as a result.

Put on some waterproof gloves before doing any household chores requiring you to get your hands wet to reduce the amount of water on your nails. Acrylic fingernails are entertaining, and false nails may hide various flaws. It’s an excellent idea to book an appointment with your local nail technician if you want to wear fake nails. A competent technician will apply your fake nails and will assist you in concealing your grown-out acrylic nails.

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