Are My Nails too Short for Acrylics? Overlay on Short Bitten Nails

My nails are not naturally short but I have a nasty habit of biting them. Now Pinterest is making me crazy with those stunning acrylic nails and I want them badly. So, I visited a professional nail salon with one desperate question, ‘are my nails too short for acrylics?’

The good news is that even short nails can enjoy the benefits of acrylics. With the right manicurist, you can dress up your short nails with some stunning acrylic overlays. Here, I will discuss, all that you have to know about acrylics on short/bitten nails to make sure you get your nails done according to your style and choice. And I am hopeful, you will feel supercharged up before doing your acrylics.

Short Bitten Nails Can Enjoy Acrylic Because…

When you have naturally short nails but want to experience the magic of nail extensions, you may often wonder if your nails are too short for sporting acrylics.

are my nails too short for acrylics

There is no minimum length of the natural nail required to get acrylics. Since the application does not involve the attachment of any artificial tip on the natural nails, even shorter nails can flaunt acrylics. You just need to ensure that the acrylic is applied to your nails properly.

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The application of acrylic involves combining powder and liquid. Your manicurist will apply the mixture to the entire nail bed and also file your nails to smoothen out any rough edges. Moreover, you can opt for nail art to decorate the acrylic and make it look even more stunning. 

Acrylics have the power to transform your boring nails instantly. They also make your nails look healthier, longer, and thicker. It is safe to say that with the numerous design options available, almost everyone can try out acrylics.

Most people who have a habit of biting their nails or cannot grow their nails naturally are afraid of trying out acrylics. If you are a beginner, getting acrylics can be extremely overwhelming. So let’s look at some of the common concerns regarding acrylics and short nails.

How Acrylic Overlay is done on Short Bitten Nails?

Acrylic Overlay on short nails is an easy process but a little time-consuming. On your nails, the technician will add an acrylic bead to achieve your desired length as nail extensions are not useful for short nails.

acrylic on short bitten nails - are my nails too short for acrylic

Some nail technicians can also use a pinching tool to give your nails the perfect C-curve. This can make even bitten nails appear slimmer and more shapely. Pinching also enhances the durability of your acrylic overlay.

If you are keen on adding length to your short bitten nails, opting for forms is a good idea. The forms are usually composed of thin metal and disposable paper. Most salons prefer using universal nail forms instead of square or oval forms.

It is possible to cut and shape universal nail forms to a square or an oval shape as per your liking. The form fits perfectly under the natural nail. The acrylic mixture rests on top of the form.

You can remove the form once the acrylic overlay hardens. You can also get the nails filed and buffed to achieve the desired length or shape of the nails. The acrylics provide an extremely natural look to your nails.

If you engage in a lot of manual labor, it is best to avoid excessively long acrylics. Let your manicurist help you decide the length that looks good but is also easy to maintain. Remember that acrylics on short bitten nails may require frequent refills or repairs.

Is it Better to Have Long or Short Nails for Acrylics?

short or long nails for acrylics

Since acrylics do not involve the application of separate tips, the natural length of your nail does not matter. Those with extremely short nails can still get acrylic overlays. In fact, if you have a shorter nail bed, it is easier to fix a form and overlay to give you the desired length. 

It is important to remember that acrylic is merely a chemical compound applied to natural nails to add length and make them stronger. Many shy away from acrylics thinking that they don’t have the ideal nail length for the application. However, acrylics work regardless of the size or sharpness of your natural nail.

Having said that, you should have some natural nails available so that the nail technician can apply the acrylic mixture. That’s why it is vital to pick the right manicurist who has experience in adding acrylics to shorter nails. You don’t want to end up with a damaged nail bed or a nasty nail infection.

Most experts advise against extremely long acrylic overlays, especially if you are new to the world of nail extensions. Longer nails require more maintenance. They are also more prone to cracks.

Always start with shorter acrylics. In case you are opting for nail art, shorter acrylics can also ensure that it lasts longer. Once you get used to acrylics on your nails, you can opt for refills as they start growing. 

Just like your natural nail, the acrylic will also grow. You may even notice nail growth around your acrylic. Make sure to visit a salon as soon as you can and get your acrylics trimmed.

Are Acrylic Nails Good for Biters?  

are my nails too short for acrylic - are acrylic nails good for biters

Acrylics are not cheap. Even a mid-range salon can set you back by USD 50 on average. The shape and taste of acrylics can be an effective deterrent for the biters. They are quite thick and strong compared to natural nails. So biters may find it difficult to bite acrylic nails easily. 

The overlays also taste extremely bitter. You should always remember that acrylic overlay is a chemical product. You may end up ingesting harmful chemicals like formaldehyde if you chew on your acrylic nails. 

However, never settle for a cheap acrylic treatment in an effort to save money. You may end up with skin infections as most discount salons do not maintain high hygiene standards. Some of these salons also use methyl methacrylate (known as MMA) as a bonding agent for acrylics that can result in irritation in your nose, throat, and respiratory tract.

Whenever you have a strong urge to bite your acrylics, think about the damage you will cause to the appearance of your nails, how terrible will it taste inside your mouth, and the potential health risks. This should do the trick and help you break the habit.

Summary: Are my Nails too Short for Acrylics?

Acrylic Overlay can be done on short bitten nails too.  As you cannot add false nails on short nails, the overlay needs to be done with extreme precision otherwise the overlay may not be durable for a long period. That is why I will suggest you always do your acrylic from a well-known and expert manicurist. This is how you ensure value for the money you are investing and stunning nails for weeks.

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