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How To Make Your Acrylic Fingernails Last Longer At Home?

Today, we will explore one of the most trending topics in manicure – how to make acrylic nails last longer at home?

At least once in a lifetime, every manicure lover begged the answer to this question. Exactly how you can increase the lifespan of beautiful acrylic nails, stop lifting, or avoid salon visits for refills? Acrylic nails are stunning and costly too. Both for DIY lovers and those who visit nail salons, lifting acrylic nails is a frustrating affair. Here in this article, we have covered how you can increase the lifespan of your acrylic fingernails and stop lifting or any mishap.

How To Make Them Last Longer At Home?

Before moving to the main topic about making them last longer, let’s go over what acrylic nails are to understand them better.

Acrylic nails are generally fake nails or nail extensions used by many to fix or hide their short or broken nails. So, in this sense, acrylic nails have significant advantages. Also, acrylic nails enhance the look of nails and hands. As you know, by using acrylic nails, the look and appearance of nails are enhanced. But, this method is quite costly, and many can’t afford it. So, to tackle this problem, acrylic nails must last as long as possible.

Yes, it is possible to make your fake nails last longer at home with the help of some methods and precautions. Take a look at these methods below:

Examining And Inspecting Your Fake Nails Every Morning

This simple method will make your acrylic nails last as long as possible. Make it a daily habit to thoroughly examine your acrylic nails every morning. And, if you see any problem with them, immediately apply nail glue to them.

Always Carry Nail Glue And A Nail Buffer

Always keep nail glue and a nail buffer in your bag, and if your nails are popping, apply the nail glue right away. This simple trick will reduce the damaging effect and increase the life of your acrylic nails.

Moisturize Your Cuticles Daily

Applying moisturizer to your cuticles every day will improve the softness and longevity of your acrylic nails. It is among the most prominent and well-known methods to keep your acrylic nails healthy and soft for a long time. It also increases the age of acrylic nails.

Avoid Submerging Your Hand In Water For An Extended Period

Avoid this mistake as much as possible if you want your acrylic nail to last as long as possible. The result is the same if you repeatedly immerse your nails in water. It will result in your nails popping out very quickly.

Do Your Work Meticulously At All Times

Try to do your housework and office work with a bit of patience. If you apply sudden pressure to fake nails, they will easily pop or break. And all of your efforts will end up in vain. So, try to do your work with great care.

Find A Great Nail Technician

If you’re someone who cannot take proper care of your nails by yourself, then try to switch to a nail technician. It might get a bit expensive for you, but your nails will thank you for it. The nail technician will care for your acrylic nails and maintain your real ones.


To keep your nails in perfect condition, never skip regular nail maintenance. Always try to do nail maintenance as frequently as possible. These are a few methods for achieving your nail beauty goal. And we hope that by applying these methods, you will get your desired result.

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