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How Long Do Shellac Acrylic Nails Last? – Tips To Increase Lifespan

Shellac acrylic nails generally last up to 1-2 weeks, and they often go to 3 weeks. Several factors increase and reduce the lifespan of shellac acrylic nail polish. Shellac nails are cured with several layers of UV light, which hardens the polish much faster than if you simply “air dry” them, saving you a significant amount of time.

However, the strengthening process does not end in the salon; UV rays emitted by the sun continue to harden your Shellac. As a result, in hotter climates, the polish can last longer. On the other hand, in the winter season, the lifespan of Shellac Acrylic Nails goes shorter. Another significant factor is that many women have a habit of peeling their nail polish unconditionally. Due to this, the longevity of nail polish decreases.

The lifespan of nail polish varies from person to person. If you take regular care of your nails and nail polish, it automatically increases the life expectancy of nail polish. If you do not go through the regular maintenance process, then the life of nail polish gets shorter. So, to increase the life of Shellac nail polish, here are some methods that you can implement in your daily routine.

Methods For Improving The Lifespan Of Shellac Acrylic Nails

Allow Your Nails To Be Exposed To UV Rays

It is among the best and most time-efficient methods that you can implement in your daily routine to increase the lifespan of your Shellac nail polish. It is a straightforward method. With this method, you have to expose your nails to the sun daily, and your job is done.

Maintaining Your Nails Regularly

Regular maintenance of nails will lead to an increase in the life expectancy of the Shellac nail polish and nails themselves. It will also significantly improve the overall look of your nails.

Keep Nail Polish From Peeling

Many women have the habit of peeling their nail polish off in their free time or occasionally. It will not only peel the nail polish but also affect the nail. If you really want your Shellac nail polish to last as long as possible, then consider ending this habit.

Avoid Using Water 

Water acts as an enemy of nail polish. It will reduce the lifespan of your Shellac nail polish. Water connections that occur infrequently do not have as much of an impact, but regular merging with water will reduce the life expectancy of nail polish.

Use CND Solar Oil

CND Oil offers a synergistic blend of naturally light oils and Vitamin E that is meant to penetrate and protect your nails thoroughly. It keeps your shellac paint and nails firm and flexible, and it pumps oils much deeper into your natural nails, maximizing the advantages and reducing the risk of peeling. Solar oil helps moisturize the skin, nails, and cuticles. Therefore, our nail experts recommend using it twice a day to avoid dryness and maintain your Shellac nails in good shape.

Wearing Gloves While Carrying Out Household Tasks

Gloves are your best friend if you want to protect your Shellac nail polish while doing household activities. It reduces the stress on your hands while performing household activities and keeps the nails away from water. You should also protect your lovely nail polish from water. So, gloves are an essential accessory for those who are really serious about their nails and nail polish. 

So, we discussed the problem and its cure. And, let’s hope that you have found a solution to your problem.

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