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Is UV Light Necessary For Gel Nails?

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Gel manicures have become a popular element of many women’s cosmetic routines because they are shiny, long-lasting, chip-resistant, and suitable for hiding nail flaws. But what makes gel nail polish unique from the others is the fact that it is applied using a UV laser. If you don’t have access to a UV lamp and want to try gel nail polish at home, you may be wondering if it’s possible to do so. No worries! In this post, you’ll learn if it’s feasible to apply gel nail polish without a UV lamp.

Do Gel Nails Require UV Light?

You can dry gel nail polish without using UV light in a few different ways. These methods, however, are unquestionably inferior to UV drying, so be prepared for severe quality loss. They might potentially take a long time. It is, without a doubt, preferable to utilize UV light if at all possible. Furthermore, not all gel nail polishes require UV exposure! Before purchasing or applying gel nail paint, make sure you read the directions thoroughly. Even though it specifies the usage of a light, several additional options are to consider as a last resort. As a result, be open to trying new things.

Can Gel Nails Cure Without UV Light?

The good news is that there are gel polishes that don’t require the usage of any form of light at all! These are ideal for individuals who don’t want to deal with the light-curing procedure or any home-remedy choices, which may take up to an hour to finish. These gel nail paints are available at local beauty stores, department stores, drug stores, and, of course, on the internet. They may be applied as rapidly as regular nail polish and are frequently easier to remove than traditional gel polish. 

What’s the catch, then? The first is the same issue you’ll encounter when looking for a non-UV drying solution:QUALITY. While many manufacturers are well-known and have an excellent customer satisfaction rating, non-UV gel polish simply does not provide the same appearance as traditional gel polish. It’s also possible that it won’t last as long, so plan on reapplying more frequently. However, if it doesn’t worry you, this may be the solution you’ve been yearning for!

How To Use Gel Nail Polish Without Using UV Light?

Without UV light, you have two alternatives for drying: home techniques or a LED lamp. LED lights are just as excellent as UV lights, if not better, so that would be the best option. Home remedies may be effective, but they will almost certainly degrade the quality. It will take many hours for the paint to cure. It isn’t something you do during your dinner break.


LED Lamp

An LED light is the first UV substitute that you should test. If you’re a novice to gel nail polish but have previously used LED-setting nails, you may already have one. You might also simply purchase them. The bulbs seldom burn out, and they can dry your gel nails in about thirty seconds—definitely the better option in this case. If you’re feeling more daring, there are more possibilities.

Ice Water

Giving your nails an ice-water bath is the most effective method. Dip your fingernails into a dish of cold water after air drying for five to ten minutes. Because contact with any particles may smear your polish, it should be more water than ice. Remove after three minutes of submersion. Your fingers will be numb by that time, but don’t warm them up! You’ll need to sit motionless for another hour to allow things to settle. 


You don’t want to get ice-cold? Sprays are another option. Choose between a fast-drying polish spray and canola oil. Yes, a cooking spray might aid in the setting of your polish. Before you choose one of these solutions, keep in mind that it will take quite some time.

So it is better to start on a day when you have nothing planned. The instructions are nearly the same for both: To clean up the mess, set down newspapers, or something like that. Hold the bottle or can at least six inches away and spray to newly painted nails. After that, leave the nail to dry for several hours. Be careful you don’t touch anything, or they’ll smear.

How Long Does Gel Nail Polish Take To Dry Without UV Light?

It is determined by the drying technique employed. It might take as little as thirty seconds for LED lights. It might take many hours for at-home choices like canola oil. Additionally, various gel polishes may take longer to dry than others. You can’t be sure of the time if you don’t follow the recommendations on the bottle strictly. So it went from thirty seconds to a whole afternoon in thirty seconds.

There’s no way to know what type of drying time you’re dealing with because different gel polishes have diverse demands, and they all go down the drain when you don’t use any light. So, it’s generally preferable to test out at-home possibilities on your leisure days. However, with the spray alternatives, you’ll be spending a significant portion of your day doing nothing while your nails dry. On the other hand, LEDs cure gel polish in thirty seconds to a minute. That’s even faster than the UV lamps you’re meant to be utilizing!

What Happens If You Use Gel Polish Without UV Light?

Rather than using dry gel nail paint, UV lights are used to cure the gel polish. You cannot cure your gel nails any other way, unfortunately. While you may be able to apply gel nail polish without using a UV lamp, the other “drying procedures” are lengthy and will not produce the desired results. A UV light dries or rather cures the gel fast and consistently. It will stay watery or smear if you try to air it out. If you still want to use gel nail polish without a UV light, be aware that the quality will suffer. If you apply it correctly, though, you will have well-gelled nails lasting for weeks.


A gel nail can enhance your beauty and give a touch of luxury to your style, but there are instances when you won’t be able to use a nail light. Take the time to learn these tricks so you’ll have something to fall back on if you are ever stuck in a similar scenario.

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