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How To Dry Soak Off Gel Polish?

So, you’ve got a fun day or evening planned, perhaps a feminine champagne bar, a friend’s night, dinner with your partner, or even a winter vacation to the shore with your furbabies and friends, so you want those nails to look fabulous! Whichever soak-off gel color is now at the top of your wish list, make sure your soak-off gel nails are totally dry before leaving the house! So, you’re probably wondering how long an at-home manicure, and more significantly, soak-off gel nails, would take to dry.

Without using a UV or LED drying method, soak-off gel nails will not dry or cure. The polymerization process will begin in any case. The soak-off gel polish molecules interact with light rays to create a durable, smudge-free, and chip-free finish. Depending on the lamp you choose, it takes around a few seconds to a few minutes to complete the process. After you’ve read the quick answer, continue reading to learn everything there is to know about drying soak-off gel polishes.

Will Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish Dry By Itself?

Many individuals question if they can let their soak-off gel nail paint dry naturally. Regrettably, this isn’t doable. The presence of oxygen hampers the curing of soak-off gel nails. Because oxygen prevents the gel molecules from joining together and hardening, it’s impossible to let gel nails air dry. It’s not going to work. But don’t be alarmed; this does not imply that the procedure is complicated.

How To Cure Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish?

Curing is the phrase to use when drying your soak-off gel nail paint. One can’t just hope for the best by flapping the hands in the air. Instead, they need to cure soak-off gel nails. Curing refers to the chemistry involved in toughening or hardening a substance, in this example, the gel polish. You may use an LED bulb or a UV lamp to cure your soak-off gel nail paint. Curing your gel nail paint is simple: Apply the polish, position your hand under the lamp, and turn it on. Keep your hand motionless and place it beneath the light until it turns off.

The soak-off gel nail polish lamps on the market now are engineered such that the light remains on as long as the gel nail paint needs to cure and no longer. You can heal your entire hand at once with most of the lights on the market today. Various kinds allow you to separate your fingers and thumbs when using them.

Top Coat That Dries Quickly

It’s simple to speed up the drying period of soak-off gel nails by purchasing a transparent layer of nail paint specially created to accomplish so. Many commercial quick-drying topcoats are on par with, if not less expensive than, standard polishes. The finest nail paint topcoats promise to give your nails a coating of luster, prevent chipping, and dry in a minute or less.

Quick-Drying Using Cold Water

This trick takes some preparation. Fill a small basin halfway with cold tap water before painting your nails. Add a few ice cubes to the basin and place them near where you’ll be painting your nails. Allow two minutes after painting your nails for the polish to “set,” ensuring that it adheres entirely to your nails. After that, immerse your nails in cold water and let them there for around five minutes. When you take your hands or feet out of the water, you’ll notice water beading on the nail surface, which indicates that your polish is entirely dried.

Can Drying Lights Harm Your Skin?

You might be wondering if skin damage can be caused by UV or LED drying methods. As with any form of lightwave, it’s best to utilize UV light-related equipment with caution and reduce your exposure to a minimum. When using UV kinds, be cautious since people sensitive to UV may get skin damage if used often over time.


So now you have a better grasp of soak-off gel nail polish, the many sorts of drying procedures, and how long it takes to get your nails ready. These can help you obtain a professional-looking manicure at home by giving your nails a lovely and smooth finish.

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