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Polygel Base Coat Tricks, Tips, Substitutes & More

Polygel nails are the easiest to wear and modify among all artificial nails and clearly so are very popular. But to get flawless polygel manicure, you need to master the tricks of polygel base coat. For some it might seem a trivial basecoat; trust me, it is not.

Here is some fascinating information on polygel base coat, how to use it properly, alternatives, and more tricks to make your polygel nails more beautiful and durable than others.

Can I Use Any Base Coat For Polygel?

When applying Polygel nails, you can only use a gel base coat instead of a Polygel base coat. They’re straightforward to use, last a long time and don’t include any elements that might hurt your root nails or skin if they come into touch with them. On the other hand, plain white nail paint can be used as a foundation coat for Polygel. The white helps to bring out the actual color of your nail polish. It offers a blank canvas for your nails, allowing you to paint them whatever you choose.

Is Polygel Base Coat The Same As Gel Base Coat?

The polygel base coat is a viscous paste placed on the nails and may be molded and sharpened to achieve the desired length. Those with thin, brittle nails should surely use a Polygel basecoat. Gel Base Coats usually contain resins and primers, which help your gel polish stick to your natural nail plates exceptionally effectively. Polygel base coat and gel base coat are not the same, but you can use them interchangeably.

Can I Use Gel Base Coat For Polygel?

When using PolyGel, you may undoubtedly use a gel base coat. With the application of a gel base coat, Polygel Nails may be made more durable and glossy. Because it has a strong connection with the nail plate and an adhesive covering, Polygel clings to the Gel Base Coat. Gel Base Coat will assist in smoothing out any cracks or damage on your natural nail plates, resulting in a lovely, even finish for your Polygel.

Do You Cure Base Coat For Polygel?

Yes, after applying a Polygel base coat, you must cure your nails. Cure the fingernails for one minute under an LED lamp or two minutes under a UV lamp after placing a thin application of Polygel Base Coat. The UV or LED light source activates a chemical process that cures the base coat, making it sticky. After curing, all of your Polygel base coatings will feel sticky. The tackiness lets each successive application adhere correctly to your nails.

How To Properly Apply Polygel Base Coat?

The preparation of the nail is the most crucial step in producing the perfect Polygel manicure. There is, however, one step that isn’t far behind. That’s how you apply the Base Coat.

Apply Two Thin Coats

Apply two thin layers of base coat after properly preparing your nail. Make sure the nail doesn’t have too much product on it.

Completely Cover the Area

It is critical to cover the entire surface from edge to edge. You give leeway for the nail to crack and lift if you miss an edge.

Take Time

Take your time, regardless of how rushed you are. You don’t want to miss any of the phases in the procedure. Take a close look at the nail to see if there are any locations where the Base Coat is missing.

Cap The Free Edges

Cap the open edges to conclude a successful Base Coat Application. You only need to cap it once, so make sure you do it! Capping the open edges will prevent the edges from lifting. If the free edge is too thick, though, it may tear off.

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