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Can You Use Polygel Nails Without a UV Light?

Polygel is a particular variant of gel composition that may be used to mold robust and lighter nail extensions or make overlays. It’s more lasting and more challenging than typical gel polish. Also, it’s far easier to work with than sculpting hefty acrylic nails.

Polygel is a real mix of tough gel and acrylics that was created out of a goal to produce a solution that kept everything nail techs liked about acrylics and complex gel systems while eliminating the things they didn’t. Polygel has a paste-like texture to shape it with your brush, and it will stay put.

It’s much thicker than conventional gel polish or Builder, and it will not self-level so that you can create a beautiful arching tip for your manicure. It also doesn’t have the overpowering odor of acrylic nails!

Can Polygel Cure Without Using UV Lights?

Polygel, unlike acrylics, does not harden or cure when exposed to air. It means you may sculpt your nails at your leisure before curing them under a UV lamp. As of now, there isn’t enough evidence that cold water or sunlight will suffice to cure Polygel nails alternative to UV lights.

On the other hand, UV lamps may be harsh on the skin and quickly cause damage, but what if there was another way? It’s possible that an LED light will suffice! The great news is that frequent manicure users are less likely to have any side effects from the use of LED lights than those using a typical UV beam.

This kind is safe even when curing hues like pink or red without turning them entirely white since they simply produce heat instead of radiation like their cousins. Heat spikes do not occur during the curing of Polygel nails. Unlike acrylic, it does not solidify until it is cured with an LED or UV lamp. As a result, LED lights are a less expensive, healthier, and more effective alternative to UV lamps for curing Polygel nails. Some individuals believe they can heal their nails with cold water or sunlight, but this treatment is unlikely to work well, and professionals advise against it.

How To Use An LED Lamp To Cure Polygel Nails?

Step 1: Apply the gel base coat.

With a nail prep and polish wipe, push back your cuticles, file, buff, and wash your nails. Apply the Base Coat to the nails with a brush dipped in it. Wipe the brush down the sides of the top of the polish to remove any excess polish. Then, paint a tiny coating on each nail on one of your hands. Ensure the polish is applied evenly and there are no clumps or drips.

Step 2: Let the base coat cure.

Once each nail has been painted, place your fingers within the LED bulb hand slot. Turn on the light and set the timer for one minute. Keep your hands in that position until the indicator light goes off.

Step 3: Apply the Polygel.

Squeeze a small quantity of Polygel from the tube and slice it with the Polygel dual-ended tool before rolling it onto the nail. To softly pat the Polygel, use the brush side of the Polygel Dual-Ended Tool and a tiny quantity of Slip Solution. Pat the Polygel into place, starting at the cuticle and working your way up the nail. 

Step 4: Repeat the curing process.

Set your LED lamp’s timer for 1 minute and place your painted hand into the hand slot. Then, until the timer goes off and the Polygel cures, switch on the lamp and lay your fingertips beneath it.

Step 5: Make it smooth!

Softly file the nail with a 180-grit file to level the surface, and then clean your nails.

Step 6: Use gel polish (If necessary)

Once the Polygel has hardened, dip the polish brush into the color gel polish and wipe it on the sides to avoid clumping. Then, on each of your nails, lightly apply a coat of color polish over the cured Polygel. Don’t let the polish touch your cuticles, which may cause the polish to peel and delay the curing process.

Step 7: Apply the topcoat.

After re-applying and curing any additional gel color polish layers, apply a thin coat of a gel top coat to seal and maintain the polish. Cure the top coat for another 30-45 seconds under the LED lamp to finish.


There you go! You can have a fabulous Polygel manicure without UV lights in only 7 easy steps. You may become agitated at first, but with experience, you will develop your unique flow, and everything will become much more straightforward. The nails usually last two to three weeks, if not more. As a result, they are long-lasting, sturdy, and look fantastic as well.

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