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Is Polygel Worth It?

You’re either someone who views their nails to be a significant component of their look or somebody who, like 70% of women, only has their fingernails painted maybe once every month, and it’s generally a lousy DIY attempt with chipping and dents abound.

Few manicures may appeal to both men and women, but most women feel Polygel nails are one of them. Polygel nails mix liquid and powder acrylic with LED hard gels to create a hybrid nail enhancement solution.

Durability, versatility, and modifiability are advantages and a more straightforward application. The main question is, “Are they worth it?” Continue reading to find out!

What Is PolyGel?

Polygel is a nail improvement that is best defined as a hybrid composition that combines the strength of acrylic nails with the flexibility of gel nails. On the other hand, manicure has entirely different methods and supplies.

Polygel is a blend of acrylic powder and transparent gel that comes in a tube similar to toothpaste. Polygel has a dough consistency and is very easy to mold and apply. It’s a popular nail augmentation because it gives the nail technician the time and space to focus on shaping and building the most architecturally designed nail.

What Is The Procedure For Applying Polygel Nails?

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can anticipate from a Polygel manicure, whether you schedule one or do it yourself.

Nail Preparation

Your manicurist will prepare your natural nails in the same way as gels: they will be free of polish, filed and buffed to remove any shine, and they will be filed and buffed to remove any shine.

Utilize The Polygel

Next, your nail technician will use a small, delicate brush to apply the Polygel mixture to your nails. It will be applied in the center of your nail like acrylic, beginning with a bit of bead or ball.

The Formula Should Be Smooth

Your manicurist will apply Polygel to your whole nail with a brush dampened in a unique solution formulated exclusively for Polygel, then shape it as desired.

Cure Your Fingernails

Your manicurist will have you put your fingernails under an LED or UV light for around 30 seconds after applying the Polygel. Your nail technician can repeat the previous two procedures to add another color to your fingernail, such as a white tip, based on the look you want to achieve.

Shape And File

Because Polygel is softer than other choices, your nail technician won’t need to shape it with an e-file. A hand file will do the trick, smoothing away any lumps or uneven regions and helping to define the form even more.

Finishing Touches

Your nail technician will apply a top coat to lock in the Polygel and give your desired finish, whether you want shining or matte nails.

Cure The Nails Once More

Your nails will be cured once more under a nail light, and you’ll be ready to depart.

Polygel Nails: How Long Do They Last?

Polygel, like dip powdered nails, has grown famous for various reasons, but one of the most notable is how long it lasts. A Polygel manicure may last up to three weeks with proper care and application. Polygel fingernails will still look nice after three weeks because they’re so resilient, so add that to your checklist of Polygel advantages.

Acrylic Vs. Gel Nails Vs. Polygel

Polygel nails are preferable to acrylics in that they don’t firm until cured underneath an LED or UV light, so your nail technician won’t rush through. Polygel fingernails are also said to be more durable than gel nails. Overall, the recipe blends the features you love about gel and acrylics while eliminating the features you don’t, resulting in a powerful yet lightweight choice.

What Is The Cost Of Getting Polygel Nails?

The cost of Polygel nails is determined by the method of application. A complete set or molded extension treatment can cost anything from $55 to $150, although a fill-in usually costs little more than $80.

Is Polygel Bad For Your Nails?

Polygel nails are trendy among ladies since they do not harm or spoil their nails. Don’t worry about damaging your natural nails if they’re applied and removed correctly. Your nail technician will scrape the Polygel off your nails to eliminate most of it.

Any leftover formula or product will be washed away with acetone, making your nails clean and ready for your next manicure. If you’re going to remove the Polygel at yourself, be gentle when doing so; filing off any fingernail formula too violently will harm your nails.


Polygel comes in a variety of thicknesses. In addition, depending on the brand, some applications will be more complex.

Polygel is a substance that you need to get used to and discover the correct brand for you. If you’ve never had nail extensions before, the sensation of having longer nails may be weird at first. Still, if you enjoy having longer nails or battle with biting or nibbling at them, Polygel is definitely worth investing in.

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