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Gel Vs SNS For Nails: Price, Health, Longevity & More

Women adore having options! And there are other considerations to be taken while selecting the sort of manicure you desire, ranging from cost to quality to lifespan.

Ladies don’t want to pick between weak, damaged nails and nails that peel after a day or two. SNS has lately gained popularity as a long-lasting manicure option; however, gel nails are far superior for a healthy manicure.

But which one is worth the hype? To discover out, keep reading!

Gel Vs. SNS: Basic Difference

When choosing between gel and SNS manicures, it all depends on personal opinion, but there are a few things to consider.

Signature Nail Systems, or SNS nails, is a dipping method. Because SNS employs organically produced chemicals and does not use a UV lamp to complete the style, it is a healthy option for your nails.

The hard gel has a sticky viscosity and can be artificially placed over your natural nail to fit the present form. It can also be stretched and is the most durable mani.

It may also be customized or polished before being exposed to UV light for drying. The advantage of this procedure is that it requires less drying time than typical nail treatments. 

Gel Vs. SNS: Price Comparison

The gel is often less expensive; if saving money is your primary goal, the gel may be preferable to SNS.

An SNS manicure costs roughly $65, while a gel manicure costs around $50. It’s preferable to get both kinds of manicures professionally removed to avoid nail damage.

It will generally cost you around $25 for an SNS manicure, whereas gel removal costs around $20.

Is Gel Or SNS Healthier?

The health of the nails is the most notable distinction between SNS and gel nails.

Gels can be harmful because, while they preserve the flexibility of natural nails and aren’t as heavy as acrylics, their removal requires soaking in acetone, which leaves nails weak and prone to breakage.

Long-term exposure to the cycles of UV radiation necessary for gel manicures carries a slight risk of acquiring skin markings and cancer.

On the other hand, SNS is linked to a light coating of resin rather than the natural nail so that it won’t rip away the delicate top layers upon removal.

This base coat contains calcium and vitamins A, E, D, and B5 to help with nail health, strength, and development. You can file SNS until they are thin and afterward remove them with alcohol without soaking for a long time.

Does SNS Or Gel Last Longer?

If you’re wondering, “is SNS stronger than gel?” the answer is yes. SNS is for folks who value long-lasting color and solid, firm nails.

SNS solidifies as it is put to the nail, unlike gel nails that are cured under UV light. SNS usually lasts 3-4 weeks before it begins to lift at the edges or the nails grow out from beneath.

Gel nail manicures only last up to two weeks on average. However, if your nails begin to break before two weeks, they may be weak and require a break from the salon services.

On the other hand, SNS nails may last up to a month, which is a tremendous amount of time. If you want anything like this to last a long time, you’d usually go for SNS.

Application Difference (Gel Vs. SNS)

One can apply gel paint on natural or artificial nails (acrylics). Before applying the gel paint, the manicurist will apply a base coat to create a smooth, protected surface on which the gel polish may slide without ruining the natural nail.

The gel polish is then applied to the nail in three to four layers and coated with a top coat for a glossy coating. After each gel polish application, place the hands underneath a UV light unit for 1 minute to allow the nails to completely dry.

The powder coats the nails instead of lacquer in the case of an SNS manicure. The nails are first prepared and buffed to provide a rougher surface for the powder to hold onto.

Then you need to dip the nails into the colored SNS powder after applying a thin base coat of an SNS bonding liquid, and the excess is flicked or brushed off. You can repeat this technique up to four times to achieve the appropriate hue and thickness. After that, you need to apply a glossy topcoat.

Final Verdict

There are multiple advantages and disadvantages to choosing between SNS and gel fingernails. Both approaches provide remarkable results, but it comes down to personal preference.

SNS is a terrific option if you’re all about living a healthy lifestyle. Gel manicures are for you if you don’t care too much about your nails but want additional color and design possibilities.

A licensed nail technician must perform a professional manicure. Many people can do nails, but the only thing that separates them from a professional technician is your nail health.

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