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Everything About A Nail Dehydrator 

The experience of Acrylic manicure is quite interesting, and the outcomes are stunning. Acrylic manicures also necessitate the use of a nail dehydrator. What are nail dehydrators, exactly? Dehydrators, like bonders, are pretty widely used. They clean the natural fingernail surface to improve adherence. The idea behind a dehydrator is that it removes the oils in the nail, resulting in a more appealing nail surface.

What Is It Made Of?

Before applying a primer, dehydrates and eliminates the natural nail’s oils. Isopropyl Alcohol is present in most nail dehydrators in modest quantities. Alcohol disinfects your nails by killing any potentially harmful microorganisms that may be present on their surface. Another benefit of alcohol is that it can help remove some of the oil deposits on your nails, which makes acetone cleaning easier. The following are the major components of a dehydrator:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Isobutyl Acetate

How To Use It?

Dehydrating your nails is a straightforward process. Apply the nail dehydrator straight to your natural fingernail free of paint or polish before putting acrylics or nail primer. After application, the nail dehydrator would generate a light layer on top of your nail. Although this thin coat will evaporate, wait a minute or two to enable it to dry before applying a coat of nail varnish thoroughly. One application of nail dehydrator should be sufficient; two coats may cause your nails to dry out, and three coats would be excessive. After the layer of the nail dehydrator has dried, apply the nail primer or polish of your choice.

Nail Dehydrator Substitute

You can easily use alcohol as a nail dehydrator. Isopropyl alcohol, most commonly known as rubbing alcohol, is included in almost all nail dehydrators. Because of how efficiently it strips the nail of oils produced by your body, isopropyl alcohol is used in nail dehydrators, which might make it more difficult for your fake nails to cling to your natural nails. Rubbing alcohol is also a great technique to keep fungal diseases at bay. Before applying acrylics or gel, use a 1:1 mixture of acetone to isopropyl alcohol as a nail dehydrator.

Nail Primer Vs. Dehydrator

The words “nail dehydrators” and “nail primers” are sometimes used interchangeably. Both products help prepare the nails for gel, acrylic, and extension treatments. Both help prepare the nails, although they have different functions.

The dehydrator breaks down the oils on the unpolished nail, ensuring that anything you put on it stays. Before applying colored polish or artificial improvements, use the primer as a preliminary coat to the unpolished nail. To complete a decent set of acrylic nails, you must first apply primer. A nail dehydrator is a solution you should use before applying acrylic to your nails. It promotes adhesion, and you can use it with any nail augmentation. It works well, particularly on nails that are susceptible to lifting.

Do You Put Primer Or Dehydrator First?

The dehydrator is often used to break down the oils on the untreated nail, allowing you to apply anything you choose. The primer is applied to the untreated nail as a preparatory coat before adding colored varnish or artificial enhancements. Consequently, you use a dehydrator before applying a primer to your natural nails.

Which Is Better Primer Or Dehydrator?

Using a nail dehydrator and primer in any gel manicure or nail extension application process is a must. However, you cannot skip using a primer. To complete a decent set of acrylic nails, you must first apply primer. You don’t need a dehydrator, but a primer is essential. As a result, a primer is unquestionably more vital than a dehydrator.

Top 3 Nail Dehydrators For Gel Polish And Acrylic Nails

The majority of nail dehydrators are the same. The majority of the time, the variances are due to variations in overall quality. Trusted brands and well-reviewed items are excellent resources for assisting you in your decision. Look for solutions that will adequately prepare your nail beds and assist your lacquer last longer while being easy to remove. To help you start your search, these are the top three nail dehydrators:

Nail Dehydrator And Primer by Morovan

The Morovan Set provides long-lasting effects. You would be able to save a lot on your nail application while still guaranteeing that your fingernails are resilient and healthy since they are quick to air dry without needing a curing lamp!

Morovan’s nail prep kit is appropriate for all kinds of nail applications, including acrylics, gels, and liquid nails. It’s also compatible with most nail care products on the market! The dehydrator aids in drying the nail by eliminating oils and grease, resulting in a superb primer base.

These two items work together to form solid connections and adhesions between the natural fingernail and the manicure product you’re using. You will enhance the adhesion between the fingernail and the product by using the two items, the dehydrator, and the primer, and you will also avoid warping, which will help the nails stay much longer. These two items are not only a formidable force when used together, but they also come in a lovely box!

Nail Primer And Dehydrator by Modelones

For individuals who wish to perfect their fingernails at home, Modelones has this nail dehydrator and priming package. The primer and the nail dehydrator, when used together, enable good adherence of extensions or products while causing minimal harm to natural nails.

Because it lowers oil and moisture, the dehydrator aids in the formation of a strong link between the fingernail and the gel product, as well as smoothing and evening out the nail beds. All gel nail solutions, acrylics, and other liquid nail treatments are compatible with this kit. The Modelones kit may also be used with any other nail care brand on the market! You may use the dehydrator to improve the adherence of your nails while also removing any grease and oil. The dehydrator also dries quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to start working on your gorgeous nails!

Natural Nail Dehydrator by Ejubas

This Nail Dehydrator provides professional results. This combo set removes moisture from the natural nail bed while also balancing the pH of the nail to enable optimal adherence of any tips, lacquer, acrylics, gels, or glue when used on pretreated nails. If used appropriately, this dehydrator will aid in properly preparing the nail before using a primer or other nail treatments. It will assist in avoiding lifting and chipping and giving your fingernails the best chance of being long-lasting and robust.

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