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Getting Acrylic Toenails – Is It Even Safe Or Practical?

With this advanced world and technology, our world of beauty is also increasing with great success. Women need perfection and can’t compromise with makeup. But what about our nails? Nails are equally important as our face and need to be taken care of.  

There are multiple kinds of products and services available for nails, and one of the most beautiful and long-lasting beauty care for nails is acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is different from ordinary paints; the mixture of powder and liquid gives the impression of it being as natural as the original nails. The feet look ravishing under acrylic toenail paint and exude a natural look. 

Under this process, toenails are shaped, and the base coat is applied a finely further smooth touch of nail polish, and the final coat is applied. They are safe as it gives a natural look with no harm to nails. As technicians do not apply acrylics directly to the nails, it is not harmful and safe for our nails with no pigmentation. 

However, Experts do not recommend it for someone suffering from any allergies. It is also the equal responsibility of the client to take care of her toenails once the artist does it. It might also cause some problems if the nails are directly under the sun’s rays. It needs to be taken care of while its application and post-application.

What Are Acyclic Toenails?

Acrylic toenails look the same as our natural ones; the only process is that our natural ones were given a new fine shape and restructured. They are extended from their natural size to look more glamorous and fabulous. You can do it using acrylic nail powder and liquid. Acrylic toenails look as good as acrylic fingernails, sometimes look even better, and are pretty good.

Nail technicians do acrylic toenails. If you try doing it yourself, it might not turn out as pretty as the looks given by technicians. Some procedures can be performed by a nail technician only. Acrylic toenails are in fashion as they look pretty and give the impression of sophistication and grace. As it’s said, the first thing people observe is feet, so the toenails are essential to be taken care of.

The acrylic overlay is when a thick layer of powder and liquid is applied to the nails. It can be done after the pedicure, giving a natural look. A base coat helps the nails from damaging and catching fungus. Once the thick layer is dried, it gives a shape with the hand, which lasts for two to three weeks. 

Another kind is an extension of Nails with a thin layer of player, which is stuck on the tips along with the gel. This method is safe and doesn’t pose any danger to natural nails. All procedure needs to be followed and done by nail technicians as they have the required special skills. One mistake can damage the natural look and also the nails.

Are Acrylic Toenails Safe?

Acrylic toenails are fun and fearless; they are excellent and safe until they get damaged. If done correctly and by experienced nail technicians, it will last for an extended period and be safe for our natural nails and skin around it. The manicure process can clean the nail, which helps the nail to get a fresh breath and last for more than two to three weeks.

There can be an issue while or after doing the acrylics toenails process as the procedure requires many products. The client may have infections or allergies of some contents, resulting in fungus or other nail damage. It is better to reveal and study every product before processing acrylic toenails processing. 

The extension process does not harm our natural nail as it is only stuck on top of the nail tips and can be removed later by soaking the feet in rose water. It doesn’t harm directly to our natural nails. To go for a safe process of acyclic toenails, one must stick to only salons with proper licenses with expert and experienced nail technicians. Also, check whether all products are appropriately sanitized as using unsanitary products may lead to infections and fungus in your nails. 

To properly maintain the nails, one should also properly wash their feet and visit the salon every two or three weeks. If you feel any infection or any injury, you must immediately consult a dermatologist as soon as possible without treating it at home.

Why Acrylic Toenails Are A Good Idea?

Acrylic toenails can be an excellent idea as they last for a more extended period and give our feet a natural look. A process like acrylic overlay and acrylic extension is trendy and safe for our skin. While applying the overlay or acrylics extension, the tech will give you a manicure for cleaning and trimming and remove all unwanted dirt that can later harm the nails. 

All products used while doing acrylic toenails are natural and gel; creams include SPF, which helps the natural nails stay protected from sun UV rays. Acrylic toenails are not harmful unless you don’t maintain them properly. It can be an excellent idea for those who have short and ingrown nails. It requires long nails in a brief period can go for the acrylic toenails extension process, which applies a thin layer of plastic on the tips of the nails.

Women usually get acrylic nails for two main reasons: to repair the broken nails and add beauty to the nails. It also gives the client long and sharp nails without waiting months to grow. The third reason can be it gives a natural look to the nails.

Do Acrylic Toenails Hurt?

The acrylic toenails process may hurt if done for the first time, as it would hurt while doing an acrylic manicure and an overlay of extension. It may hurt more if any injury or broken nails are present. It can also hurt if you get it on nails with a fungal infection. The pain usually subsides after 24 hours or within two days of getting the toenails done. If it still hurts, you should get it treated by a dermatologist or professional experts.

However, if it is done in the right way and by experienced professionals in trusted salons, it may not hurt. If acrylics are done on big nails, it may hurt more than the small toenails. If the pain is for a more extended period, you may have to soak your toenails in cold water for minutes.

Will Acrylic Toenails Help Me With Nail Fungus?

An acrylic toenail is a good option for covering small or unshaped nails, but it is not an excellent option to cover the fungus on the nails. If toenails are suffering from fungus, you should first cure them properly with a dermatologist. As per the dermatologist’s suggestions, you can go further with acrylic paint. If acrylic paint is applied to the toenails with fungus, it can create more infections, and later it may even cause damage to nails.

What Should You Ask The Tech Before You Get Acrylic Toenails?

Before going for acyclic toenails, always research the salons and check the clients’ previous feedback for nail technicians. The client must ask if all the technicians’ products and hands are properly sanitized. The products must be recently manufactured and not outdated and expired. The ingredient added in powder and liquid must not be harmful to the skin and the toenails. 

Ask yourself if only overlay and acrylic extension options are provided or are any other options provided by the salon. Is the manicure free, or is other cost included? Will the salon give a foot massage and the option to select how the client requires the extension? The crucial questions you need to ask nail technicians before getting acrylic toenails are the costs: how much they will charge, and if you select products of your choice, there are any extra charges. Also, ask regarding the time required to complete the process. Also, inquire about any hidden charges that the technician failed to mention.

Can You Get Acrylic On The Big Toe Only?

Earlier, acrylic paint was done only on fingernails, but now the trend has shifted to toenails. Some people often wear sharp, high heels or flat slippers open in the front as they want to show off their big toenails. These big toenails are in trend as they give a very lavishing look when the girls wear them with simple footwear. 

To show off more and look beautiful many women use acrylic paint on the big toe as it looks more extended than the natural toe. It is not essential to do it on the big toe only. We can do it on other nails, but doing it on the big toe can give a more realistic look, and the feet have a lavish look. It may cost higher if only done on the big toe, so experts recommend taking a complete acrylic package with the modification of your choice and colors.

How Much To Spend On Acrylic Toenails Nails?

Acrylic toenails are no doubt in trend, and the creativity of the technician does it. It can cost less than $50 as compared to other polishes. Nail acrylic paint Toenails are done quickly at a low cost and with different shapes and new structures. Everything depends on the client’s budget, as it requires a lot of maintenance. 

You can get perfect acrylic toenails at a low cost, but maintenance may increase the cost even more as it requires the assistance of proper nails technicians with very two or three weeks. The exciting part of acrylic toenails is that they can transform our original version of natural nails into new and pretty appearances with high maintenance costs.

One can find the best and most budget-friendly nail salon on the Internet with proper maintenance and low-cost acrylic toenails with good nail technicians. You can reduce the costs to $20 to $35 if complete sets or packages of monthly filling are done the right way.

How Long Do Acrylic Toenails Last?

Acrylic toenails last for six to eight weeks as the person wearing them takes proper care of their nails. Usually, it lasts for two to four weeks before chipping, but if it is appropriately maintained and cared for, it may last for more than six weeks. 

Acrylic paint requires time to time brushing and trimming of the nails to remain long-lasting. If it is not trimmed or given a proper shape from time to time, then there will be a gap created between the natural nail and the artificial extension or the overlay, which may create fungus or other infections shortly.

Is Refiling An Option With Broken Acrylic Or Ingrown Nails With Acrylic Toenails?

Acrylic nails are rigid and stiff. It isn’t a problem on your fingernails, but when you put your foot into a shoe. As you walk and make contact with a shoe, your toenails flex. The nail would sink into your toe if it didn’t have this flexibility, resulting in an ingrown toenail. Even if you only apply the pressure for a brief period, it might result in a severe toe infection. Refilling such nails might put your toenails and toes at even greater risk. As a result, it’s best to avoid replenishing acrylic nails to avoid these issues.

How To Remove Acrylic Toenails?

Removing acrylic toenails is easy but dangerous as many chemicals products are used. If they stick to the natural nails or skin, it may give an infection or create problems like dehydrated skin and peeling skin with no weight. You can remove acrylics at home also, but it is better to do it at a professional salon. 

The easy method of removing the acrylic toenails is soaking in it soaping water with acetone for around 30 min and removing it with cotton balls. The professional’s salons have proper ingredients to remove these nails easily. 

Should I Go To The Salon To Remove Acrylic Toenails?

It is essential to remove acrylic paint from the toe of the salon by a professional technician. They have proper resources and availability to remove them correctly with no harm to natural nails or the skin. 

There is some pressure required on toenails while removing the acrylic paint. Professionals remove acrylic paint for toenails and provide massage with oil over the areas for relaxation. The professional way is better, and it hurts less. 

The process is concise, and it takes hardly 30 min to remove the paint. But if any gel or liquids powder like monomer or polymer get stuck back, it can lead to severe infections shortly. As a result, it is better to get them removed at a salon that has expert professionals who are thoroughly trained to do so.

Can I Remove Acrylic Toenails At Home? 

You can remove acrylic toenails at home with a simple remedy. One can do this by simply soaking feet under soaping water or rose water or with acetone for a minimum of 30 min. After completing this process, it is necessary to soak the nails with cotton balls with little pressure.

You can also remove it by dipping the feet under hot water for a few minutes and slowly removing the paint with the help of cotton or a soft towel.

Celebrities With Acrylic Toenails

Earlier, only fingernails were in trend, but now celebrities post pictures on social media with long toenails, which has become the latest trend nowadays.

Every trend starts with celebrities we got to know through social media as our celebrities do all kinds of beauty and care we got to see. Many celebrities have gone through acrylic toenails art to give an impressive look. What our celebrities are doing becomes our inspiration and motivates us to go through the process. As per the sources, a matte look is mainly liked by celebrities as it gives a very decent look while shooting a shot for the movie or film.

As we know, celebrities have very tight and hustling schedules. They can’t sit and daily paint the nails; they can go for acrylic paint as it lasts for more extended periods and gives a natural look. It is time-saving and done by nail technicians. Many salons provide service at home; they come to your house and do all the processes that help you save time. 

Nail technicians need to be alert while doing acrylic toenails of the celebrities. They need to do it on time and efficiently as the client recognizes it in the media and the audience. Seeing this trend in celebrities like Kylie Jenner, JLo, Zendaya, and more leads women to go and try it out on themselves. Nail technicians need to be very careful as celebrities are in a hurry as they have limited time for relaxing and need all work very ideally. 

Final Verdict 

Getting acrylic toenails is an excellent idea as it gives the feet a very lavishing look and is also beautiful. If there is a fungus infection, you should treat it with the help of a dermatologist before getting it painted with acrylics. 

Depending upon the application procedure, acrylic toenails may hurt for 24 hours or 5 days. Currently, the acyclic toenails are in fashion, and there are many options that you can get. It can be shaped, colored, and styled as per clients’ requirements. It is not essential to go with the trend and do it, but if you are willing to do so, then take the help of experienced nail technicians.

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