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Which Acrylic Toenails Are Trendy – Long Or Short?

Fashion and new trends are something that everyone wishes to try. But currently, fashion is not only limited to clothes. Nail fashion is also a trend these days. The most trending one is the acrylic toenails. This blog is for you if you also wish to follow the same trend and gather some information on long and short acrylic toenails. Read along to dive into a deep knowledge of this new fashion experiment. Natural toenails that are extended or being reshaped are called acrylic nails. This procedure is done using acrylic nail powder and a monomer. They are similar to acrylic fingernails. They give a prettier look to your toenails. 

Why Choose Acrylic Toenails?

Although looks and fashion can be one of the reasons to get acrylic toenails, apart from these, there are other significant reasons you can prefer acrylic toenails.

  • To repair your broken toenail: If you broke your toenail for some reason or there is a break in your toenail, then acrylic toenails can be helpful. They help in strengthening your damaged toenail. 
  • Add an appealing look to your toenail: This is another primary reason for getting acrylic toenails done. The use of acrylics on your toenails can make them longer and even improve their shape. You can also use acrylic gels and powder to make them look even better.
  • To reduce the times of applying paints: If you want to get rid of painting your toenails now and then, acrylic toenails are an excellent option for you to consider. 

Acrylic pedicure lasts longer in comparison to a regular pedicure. Also, the toenails grow slowly in comparison with the fingernails. So your acrylic toenails can last for a few months.

Long Vs. Short Acrylic Toenails

It’s entirely up to you how long your acrylic toenails are! Acrylic toenails come in three lengths: short, medium, and long. Long acrylic nails have always been a favorite among manicure enthusiasts, but now they’re experimenting with the look on their toes. If you like, your manicurist can install long acrylic toenails. Nail fans are going toe-to-toe on social media, uploading photographs of their best lengthy pedicures. It’s enough to make you go crazy. Long toenails are highly fashionable, but the big question is: do they get in the way? Examine the critical differences between long and short acrylic toenails to determine the most fashionable option.

Compared to their lengthier counterparts, short acrylic toenails are more resilient and long-lasting. Acrylic toenails that are excessively long and press too hard on your shoes can cause excruciating discomfort. Long acrylic toenails may be exceedingly unpleasant for some people, especially when wearing shoes. It is due to the rigid structure of acrylic and its lack of elasticity. When you walk in shoes, your toes naturally stretch and bend, allowing your nails to bear the force rather than your toes. Long acrylic toenails now stay in one extended position, putting pressure on your feet, which can be pretty irritating. In the case of short acrylic nails, this does not occur. Shorter acrylic nails stay longer and are less likely to lift. The longer the nails are, the more surface area there is for exerting pressure, causing the acrylic toenails to lift.

How Long Do They Last?

Several factors affect the growth rate of your toenails. These include your age, diet, and your hormone levels. On average, the growth rate of toenails is 3 times slower than the fingernails. It is quite possible that your acrylic toenails may last for months. Also, fingernails are more likely to break or chip as you use your finger regularly to do your chores. But since you do not use your feet to work, it also increases the life of your acrylic toenails. Possibly your acrylic toenails should last 2 times longer than your fingernails. 

Acrylic toenails that are shorter survive longer than those that are longer. If properly cared for, short artificial toenails can survive for 3 to 4 weeks until necessitating a fill-in; however, lengthy acrylic nails can easily break before that. Walking exerts pressure on your feet, which causes long nails to break. If you wear open-toed shoes and don’t run while wearing them, they could last longer.

What Is The Cost?

On average, getting acrylic toenails done can cost you up to $40 to $60. These prices can vary according to your location. Long acrylic toenails may add an additional cost of $10 to $15 on top of the base prices. Colored acrylic toenails are likely to cost more than simple acrylic toenails. So you can expect an extra pay of 10 to 20 percent. Small independent salons are likely to charge you less for the procedure, whereas a mid-range salon may charge you a bit higher. If you get your acrylic pedicure done from high-end resorts or spas, this can charge you $50. All these prices are for the basic acrylic toenails pedicure. If you wish to have some gems or nail art done on your acrylic toenails, the charges will increase according to your demand.


It’s difficult to know how to actually feel about these artificial toenails. However, it appears that more and more ladies are joining the long acrylic toenail fad. While some individuals find these long, false toenails appealing, others find them repulsive. People around you will undoubtedly have opposing views on your toenails if you choose to wear them as well. Because it’s your toes, you can do anything you want with them, no matter what others say.

However, if you’re genuinely considering adding long acrylic toenails, you should be aware that there are hazards involved. Keep in mind that artificial nails were designed with fingernails in mind. On the other hand, using these on your toes might be problematic. Natural toenails bend as we walk or when they come into touch with a shoe. Long acrylic toenails, unlike natural nails, are inflexible and stiff. They tend to push into the toe and look like an ingrown nail, leading to infection. So proceed with caution and just use the ones you enjoy the most.

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