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How Long Does Acrylic Nails Last On Bitten Nails?

Acrylic nails are a great way to give your nails a bit of a boost, whether you want a more natural look or anything a bit more elaborate. But what happens when your nails are bitten? Can you still get acrylic nails put on, or will they fall off? This article will explore the possible outcomes of getting acrylic nails put on top of bitten nails and how to make sure they last as long as possible.

How Long Does Acrylic Nails Last On Bitten Nails?

Acrylic nails can last on average for two to four weeks on healthy nails. However, the lifespan of your acrylic nails on bitten nails will depend on a few factors, such as how short your nails are, and most importantly whether you are opting for overlay or tip. Usually, bitten nails can shorten the life of your acrylic nails by up to 50%.

But there is good news. Look at this picture.

These are bitten nails with healthy cuticles, sidewalls, and nail beds. These nails can get an acrylic overlay that can last up to 3-4 weeks. Opting for acrylic extensions would be a bad idea as there is no smile line in the nails left for tips to adhere.

Clearly, if you opt for acrylic overlay it will last longer on short bitten nails. Read more about acrylic overlay on short bitten nails here.

So, to sum up, acrylic nails can last on bitten nails for three to four weeks if you opt for acrylic overlay and the bitten nails have a healthy cuticle, sidewalls, and nail bed. Acrylic tips will not last on bitter nails for more than 7 days.

What Causes Peeling?

There are multiple reasons why your acrylic nails might start peeling. One of the most common culprits is nail-biting or picking. When you chew on your nails, it weakens the glue that attaches the artificial nail to your natural nail. It can cause them to start peeling or lifting off. Another reason might be that your nails aren’t receiving enough moisture. When they’re constantly exposed to water and products like soap, they can start to become dry and brittle. It makes them more likely to peel and chop. If you’re experiencing peeling, it’s best to book an appointment with your nail technician so they can look and determine the cause. They might need to repaint your nails or add on a new layer of acrylic to help give them more stability.

How To Prevent Peeling?

One of the main reasons acrylic nails peel is that your natural nails aren’t healthy. To prevent your acrylic nails from peeling, you need to make sure your nails are strong and healthy. There are some things you could do to achieve this:

  • Start by cutting down on the number of times you bite your nails. It will weaken your fingernails and make them more prone to peeling.
  • Use a better quality nail strengthener. It will help fortify your natural nails and make them less likely to peel.
  • Keep your nails hydrated by using a moisturizing lotion or cream regularly.

How Long Do Nail Tips Last?

Nail tips are a great way to give your nails a quick and easy boost. They can add length, thickness, and color in a flash, and they’re perfect for when you want to switch up your look without a lot of fuss. So how long do they last? Well, that can depend on multiple different factors. If your nails are healthy and robust, they can last up to two weeks. However, if your nails are bitten or weak, they may only last for five to seven days. In any case, it’s essential to keep an eye on them and remove them when they start to look worn out. Our acrylic nail tips are a great way to give your nails a little extra glam without having to think about them chipping or peeling.

How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost?

The answer to this depends on a few factors: the salon, the technician, and your nail shape. Generally speaking, acrylic nails will cost anywhere between $30 to $35, depending on the region. Some salons offer packages that include a set of nails, a basic pedicure, and a polish change, so be sure to ask about pricing before you book an appointment. As for the technician, be sure to ask around for referrals. You want someone experienced in applying acrylic nails and can give you a good shape and lasting finish.


Acrylic nails can last on average anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks on bitten nails, but this can vary on the type of acrylic nails, the condition of your nails, and how often you get them done. Acrylic nails are an excellent way to add length and strength to your natural nails, and with proper maintenance, they can last for several weeks.

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