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Can You Infill Acrylic Nails With Polygel?

Although polygel is a relatively new product on the market, many nail technicians are already swearing by it. Unlike acrylics and traditional gel polish, polygel is made of a flexible polymer that moves with your natural nail, rather than sitting on top of it. This gives polygel a more natural look and feels, and also helps to reduce the risk of breakage.

In addition, polygel is much easier to work with than acrylics, and it can be used to create a wide variety of looks. However, one downside of polygel is that it is not compatible with all types of nails. For example, if you have very thin or damaged nails, it is not recommended that you infill them with polygel. In these cases, it is best to stick with traditional acrylics or gel polish.

But what if you can infill acrylic nails with polygel? Here is your answer.

Infill Acrylic Nails With Polygel

While you can technically infill acrylic nails with polygel, it’s not recommended. The two products have different formulas, which can make the polygel difficult to apply smoothly over the acrylic. In addition, polygel is generally more expensive than acrylic, so you’ll end up spending more money in the long run. If you’re set on using polygel, we recommend starting fresh with a new set of nails. You can then apply a thin layer of acrylic over the tips of your nails to help the polygel adhere better.

Can you put Polygel over acrylic nails?

Polygel is a relatively new product on the market that can be used to create artificial nails. Unlike acrylics, which are made from a liquid monomer and a powder polymer, polygel is a pliable gel that comes in a tubes. Because of its unique consistency, polygel can be used to create a variety of different nail shapes and sizes. It can also be used to add length and strength to natural nails. However, one downside of polygel is that it cannot be applied directly over acrylic nails. The two products are not compatible and will not adhere to each other correctly. As a result, anyone who wants to switch from acrylics to polygel will first need to have their old acrylics removed by a professional.

Can you put Polygel over acrylic tips?

Polygel is easier to apply than acrylic. When you have a full set of acrylic tips and want to put Polygel over it please keep in mind this will never be a long-lasting manicure. You can put Polygel over acrylic tips but it will be messy. Even an expert manicurist will find it hard to keep the nails from cracking or peeling.

As acrylic tips are bulky and the product is quite thick applying polygel over it is not a good idea. The product may crack while drying under UV light or even if the nails survive the drying process they will not withstand daily wear and tear. Also, the thickness of the artificial products combined will create pressure on your natural nails which is not healthy. So to sum up, you can put polygel over acrylic tips but it would not be fruitful.

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