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What is a Basic/Classic/Regular/Standard Pedicure?

A classic pedicure, also known as a basic pedicure, includes, a warm water foot soaking for deep cleaning, a thorough scrubbing of feet with a pumice stone or a foot file, nail trimming, cutting, shaping, pushing back your cuticles, a very pleasant massage of foot and calf, applying moisturizer, and finally painting the nails.


  • What does a basic pedicure include?
  • How long does a basic pedicure last?
  • Cost of a basic pedicure & Saving money
  • Benefits of a basic pedicure
  • Price of Basic pedicure compared to other pedicures
  • Difference between basic pedicure and spa pedicure
basic pedicure

There are 18 different types of pedicures and maybe more originating every day with different ingredients. But among those, the first to originate or the one which is formally known as simply “pedicure” is the “basic pedicure”. It is also known as a classic, regular and standard pedicure in different salons across the globe.

The Symbelle Beauty Spa in Newyork has named the pedicure as “classic” and priced at $32, whereas another parlor in the same city, the Yukie Natori Salon Spa has named the same pedicure, “regular” and priced at $45.

What does a Basic/Regular/Classic/Standard pedicure include?

Regular pedicure is the most well-known and popular pedicure. It has no frills or gimmicks, especially for folks who want a quick, low-cost, no-hassle treatment.

A regular pedicure is a standard pedicure that you will find in almost any salon. If you want your feet to be groomed and maintained regularly, this is the pedicure for you.

It is the cheapest pedicure in the group.

Steps involved in Basic Pedicure:

This pedicure begins with soaking both your feet in warm water then exfoliating them with a pumice stone.

The pedicurist will push back your cuticles and trim and file your toenails.

After that, your foot and calf will have a pleasant massage.

Finally, your nails will be painted after deep moisturizing.

How long does a basic pedicure last?

Any beauty treatment lasts depending on the client. For pedicures, assuming you are not working on the fields or running in bare feet, a basic pedicure can last up to 15 days. If you are pampering your feet occasionally on your own, like soaking, scrubbing, moisturizing, etc then a basic pedicure can last you even a month.

With my years of experience in this industry, I will recommend you to have at least two basic pedicures a month.

Cost of a Basic Pedicure & How to Save Money

A regular pedicure in a basic parlor will cost you around $30 and in a lavish spa will be around $50. So, as a standard practice, if you do two basic pedicures per month, it will cost you around $60-$100 which come at $720-$1200 a year, given the prices do not increase.

To be honest a basic pedicure is so easy that it can be done at your home. If you are a busy person, then feel free to use salon services. In that case, it is a good return on investment. However, if you can spare 1 hour time a week then have a good quality pedicure set like this to pamper your feet at home.

This set can easily last up to 6-7 months which means you are saving approx $560. Also, it is a very effective kit, has more benefits than a basic pedicure, works well on keeping feet soft and moisturized and the pedicure lasts longer than usual.

Benefits of Basic or Regular Pedicure:

✔️Simplicity and Effectiveness:

The number one benefit of a basic pedicure is, it is simple yet effective. No complex steps are involved, no fancy products are used or chemicals are applied. Hence, it is a very healthy manicure to have. And you can have it once a week without damaging your feet.

✔️Less Time Consuming:

While doing pedicures or manicures some parlors charge money based on hours you are spending with different types of equipment and services. Also, sitting for long hours in a salon is not comfortable. That’s why basic pedicure is very time-friendly and best for busy people. It needs around 30 minutes to an hour depending on the salons to finish.

✔️Zero need of refill:

Be it French manicure or gel manicure if your toenails chip or just simply break, you need to come to the salon to fix it, otherwise it will look ugly. Also, you cannot fix them at home. With a basic pedicure, all you have to do is to touch up your nail polish which can easily be done without breaking the bank.

✔️Minimum cost:

Basic manicure has the lowest price. So, you save a lot of money while choosing a basic pedicure and not opting for a fancier pedicure.

✔️ You don’t need an expert:

All the fancier pedicures need an expert. You can go to any salon and get a basic pedicure done without worrying if the salon is the best of the best. As a regular pedicure involves basic steps there are lesser chances of messing up your pedicure.

Price of Basic Pedicure as Compared To Other Types of Pedicure

Read here for a detailed pedicure cost breakdown.

Pedicure TypesPrice Range
Standard/ Basic Pedicure$20-$45
Gel Pedicure$40-$80
French Pedicure$25-$35
Hot Stone Pedicure$60-$75
Fish Pedicure$45-$95
Paraffin Pedicure$45-$60
CBD Pedicure$50-$65
Spa Pedicure$40-$70
Jelly Pedicure$45-$70

Difference between basic pedicure and spa pedicure

The basic difference between a regular and spa pedicure is that in a spa the process of exfoliation, massaging, and moisturizing is long and includes therapeutic and aromatic oils. Whereas in basic pedicure exfoliation takes place with just a pumice stone; it includes a brief massaging and moisturizing.

A spa pedicure can cost you around $70, whereas a basic pedicure is priced at around $45. A regular pedicure takes not more than an hour and the spa goes on for nearly 2 hours. But both of the pedicures will last you for approx. two weeks. However, spa pedicures work faster and better in keeping your feet soft and moisturized. And after having spa pedicures in regular intervals (twice/month) for 6 months or so, you might feel like you are not needing pedicures as frequently as before.

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