Can You Use Dip Powder With Monomer?

Without our inquisitive beauty queens and kings, many immaculate hacks wouldn’t have been born. That’s why I love a good experiment and especially if it is with nails. “Can you use dip powder with a monomer liquid?” – trust me it hit my mind a number of times. And I tried it, failed, tried again, failed again but then took professional knowledge to finally get it right.

Using Dip Powder With Monomer:

Yes, it is possible to use dip powder with a monomer liquid. Because dip powder is nothing but a finely milled acrylic powder ideal for making a smooth, uniform application. However, it is more buttery than acrylic and doesn’t require a monomer. But that doesn’t mean you cannot combine it with a liquid monomer. 

Dip powder is a preferable alternative for home usage to acrylics because of the less harmful technique for prepping the nail surface and the simplicity with which it can be removed. Due to the nature of dip powder, which builds thickness by layering a thin activator, it may require several layers before the dip powder nails can achieve the same thickness as acrylic nails. 

As a result, mixing dip powder with a monomer can significantly simplify the procedure. So, using a monomer to apply dip powder is a brilliant concept that everybody should attempt at least once.

How to Properly mix dip powder with liquid monomer?

Dip powder nails are a hybrid of a conventional manicure and an artificial acrylic nail. Between a base coat activator and a topcoat sealer, you dip your nails into a powder of your desired color for a three- to four-week mani that requires no UV light. But when it comes to combining dipping powder with monomer you need to be a bit crafty otherwise the mixture can become very runny.

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How To Apply Dip Powder With Liquid Monomer?

You can use dip powder with a liquid monomer just like any acrylic powder. This is because dipping powder is a more finely ground acrylic powder. Follow the steps below to get fabulous nails using this technique:

  1. Apply a layer of base coat on the natural, clean nails.
  2. Take some dipping powder in a brush and start applying them to your nails.
  3. Pat it lightly towards the cuticle and then brush lightly towards the tip of the nails.
  4. Take a little more powder on the brush and tap it on the nail tips.
  5. Brush backward to get a smooth and even finish.
  6. To keep the manicure in place, apply a layer of clear monomer.
  7. Next, file the nail according to your liking removing any bulk areas.
  8. Finally, apply a layer of top coat and cure it in a lamp for around 60 seconds.

Why do some manicurists advise against mixing dip powder with monomer?

Dip powder is a nail improvement method that consists of powder and glazes. You can use dip powder for both natural and artificial nails. It is free of harsh chemicals and contains vitamins and calcium to strengthen nails while avoiding damage to the nail bed.

While some salons and nail parlors combine dip powder with monomer to give gorgeous finishes to their customers’ nails, few of them don’t prefer it and also advise against it. 

Below is an explanation that I got from such a manicurist.

“Although Dip Powders and Acrylic include comparable polymers, they are not the same! You’re probably aware that acrylic requires a monomer and that some individuals are sensitive to the scent of monomer or even allergic to it. 

On the other hand, Dip Powder is odorless and requires no monomer, making it the ideal solution for individuals who seek a more natural alternative without sacrificing their gorgeous nails! So why mix the two?”

She also added-

“You may observe that the application of dip powder is significantly thinner than that of acrylic. Dip powder has the same structure and strength as acrylic, although being thinner. Dip powder application is also quicker than standard acrylic application. Dip powder has a thin structure that feels like natural nails.

But when you mix dip powder with monomer you make the structure thick like acrylic and here dip powder loses its purpose. That’s why mixing dipping powder with acrylic monomer can be counterproductive.”

Then, Should You Mix them?

Well, it is actually an individual preference. If you want to try it, go ahead and have fun. It is possible to mix monomer with dip powder, so why not have the experiment? If you like the finish then it can be your latest favorite. If you don’t then stick to normal dip nails. There is no such thing as rules in an artform and beauty is an art to express yourself. 


Yes, the monomer can be used in conjunction with dip powder. Dip powder is formed of acrylics, and monomer is the liquid portion of acrylic nails; therefore, you may make acrylic nails with monomer or acrylic liquid and dip powder. To put it another way, dip powder may be used with liquid acrylic monomer and should not cause any issues

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